The Real Tall are real cool. They’re also one of the most authentic and trusted tall fashion social media accounts out there right now.

why they’re revered ✨

  • A tall duo that truly embrace their height
  • Provide tall fashion finds for followers

who are the real tall?

Jennilee and Caitlin are cousins who happen to be 6’4” and 5’11” respectively (girls got some genes!) Together, they make up The Real Tall.

The cousins were evidently tired of not seeing enough proper tall girl fashion reviews on their socials… Because they’ve created one of, if not the best account for tall women to find relatable body types wearing fashion that fits.

I’ve listened to interviews with them where they also talk about the struggles of being tall, particularly related to men and dating. These are things we can all relate to. They’ve previously shared some of their responses to creeps on social media and they are just hilarious. Like seriously though, why do guys always ask about our feet and hands?! They are kick ass.

But enough of my complaining, let’s talk about The Real Tall’s mission: to find affordable and awesome clothes for taller bodies. I’m going dig into some of their style choices to analyze what makes this duo so unique!

the real tall’s outfit inspo 👗


Undoubtedly one of the toughest shops for any tall and or plus size woman is going to be jeans. Thankfully, The Real Tall have the tall girl crew covered when it comes to brands and styles that truly work on longer legs.

real tall jeans

Here, Caitlin is rocking the American Tall classic high rise skinny jean, which is available in 35 inch inseams and 37 inch inseams. S/o to the girls for introducing me to this brand, as well as a few others, I literally had no idea they existed before I saw them collaborate!

What makes The Real Tall relatable is that Jenilee and Caitlin have two different tall bodies – Jenilee is very tall with a slender body, and Caitlin is tall and curvy. This means they’re able to cover a wide spectrum of outfit ideas for different body types, and Jenilee really excels at finding tall maternity items, as we can see in this reel, where she proclaims that Abercrombie, of all brands, have the only pair of maternity denim she can endorse!

tall maternity

tall maternity clothes on jenilee

Jenilee gave a ton of maternity outfit inspiration for a super tall body during her recent pregnancy. One brand she highlighted in particular was Tall Mama Shop, who design maternity clothes with tall bodies specifically in mind.

tall swimsuits

This is another area that frankly, doesn’t get much coverage (excuse the pun) in the tall community. The Real Tall highlight a lot of awesome brands that produce long torso swimsuits that work for tall bodies. Here, Caitlin is rocking The Malibu by Andie. Not only is the length great but the bold orange/red color really pops on her; awesome!

a long torso swimsuit as modeled by caitlin of the real tall

I’ve previously had success with, and recommend, The Tulum by Andie, in my roundup of long torso plus size swimsuits.

the real tall’s measurements

  • Jenilee is 6’4”
  • Caitlin is 5’11” and a size 12

where to find them

Oh, I forgot to mention they’re from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So, I gotta give them some Midwest love, too. Keep doing what you do, ladies!

Note: all images are taken from The Real Tall and all credit goes to them.