Telethia Penn is a part tall plus size model and part hair stylist from Atlanta who stands tall in many ways. 

why she’s revered ✨

  • Modeled extensively at plus size fashion shows around the world
  • Not afraid to stand tall at 6 foot 3 and encourages women to embrace the bodies they are given

I’ve followed Telethia for a while, she’s super active in the plus community and a relatable figure for me as someone who’s taller than most (but not as tall as her!)

How active is she in the community, you might ask? Well, Telethia organized a literal plus size fashion weekend in the Caribbean in 2023! Undoubtedly utilizing her connections in the plus modeling world, Telethia’s incredible weekend included a runway show, pop-up shops and more, in the Dominican Republic. If you’re a plus size model or even designer you gotta get on board with this next time she does it!

telethia penn

learning to love her size

In an interview with Fabuplus magazine, Telethia opened up about all too familiar experiences growing up tall. She said she hated her height initially, but it was her mother who told her to always “stand tall” and own her body. She continues to bring these positive messages to her followers today, encouraging them to love the body they are in. 

And speaking of gorg bodies, let’s take a look at Telethia’s unique style!

telethia’s outfit inspo 👗

When it comes to Telethia’s style, she absolutely rocks the dresses. I love the vibrancy of the colors on this one below and it tucks in beautifully around her waist, accentuating her awesome proportions.

Credit: telethiap

The strapless maxi looks amazing on her here. I’m always a fan of one-tone long maxi dresses in plus sizes and the impressive thing about this one is that it’s more than long enough to cover Telethia’s 6’3” frame.

She unfortunately doesn’t provide any info on where she gets the dresses from, but based on her previous interview I mentioned she did say she often gets clothes tailored. I hope to ask her about these dresses one day, seriously!

telethia’s measurements

  • Telethia is 6 foot 3 inches tall
  • Her proportions are unknown

where to find her