This is a list compiled of genuinely TALL plus size models! As a blog that celebrates height and size, these women are honestly some of the most inspirational women that our writers have come across as tall plus women.

Here, we list what each model is famous for and go into a little detail about their style. We have individual articles for a lot of the women featured that we’ll link to, as well.

Note: we’ve used 5’11” as a cutoff but understand there is no accepted norm on what defines “tall bbw”, so we’ll continue to update this list. These women however, stand head and shoulders above most (couldn’t resist that one.)

telethia penn

Height: 6’3”

Famous For: If there’s such a thing as the “tallest plus size model”, Telethia Penn probably takes that mantle comfortably. She walked the runway as a model for Pulp Fashion Week in Paris, France.

Style: Telethia’s style is discussed more in our dedicated post to her as an inspiring tall plus woman here. Spoiler alert: lots of cool, long maxi dresses!

telethia penn

mia amber davis

Height: 6’

Famous For: Most people would be familiar with Mia from her appearance in Road Trip as the plus size love interest (where she kills it) but we remember Mia for her role as an editor of Plus Model Magazine.

Style: Mia was so beautiful, she had a timeless beauty about her which meant even simple tops or dresses looked amazing on her. She particularly shone in some wraparound dresses by Monif C.

hunter mcgrady

Height: 6’

Famous For: Famous for, honestly, being the most recognizable plus size model around at the moment. As well as appearing in Sports Illustrated’s swimwear edition frequently, she founded the All Worthy brand on QVC, providing truly inclusive sizings at affordable prices.

Style: Hunter is another with a timeless beauty about her. She’ll often be seen in shape-fitting activewear and is one of the inspirations for our tall plus leggings roundup. On her social media she presents as a very practical dresser, which is important for normalizing plus size bodies. Of course, she also rocks the swimsuit look when she wants to.

susan curry

Height: 5’11”

Famous For: In our dedicated post about Susan Curry aka Suggamonkey we go over the Daily Mail feature that made Susan a pandemic hero for us. She’s grafted to build a personal brand around plus size modeling features in her home of Oklahoma and further.

Style: Eclectic. Some of Susan’s photoshoots are really vivid, think lots of feathers, hair done up halfway to the sky, Poison Ivy and Greek Goddess impersonations. She’ll also shout out and collaborate with well-known brands like Shein on her Insta.

kate wasley

Height: 5’11”

Famous For: Constantly speaking out against and challenging the notion that bigger bodies aren’t beautiful. She’s also one of the most successful tall plus size models to come out of Australia. Read more about why we rate Kate as an inspiring woman.

Style: Kate is inspirational for a quintessential summer style due to her living in Australia. Think summer tops, flowy palazzo pants, dresses, and of course, she is a stunner in a swimsuit (do they call them a cozzie over there?)

charlotte coyle
Northern Ireland’s own Charlotte Coyle

charlotte coyle

Height: 5’11”

Famous For: Though Charlotte is no longer a model, she rose to fame for hosting Britain’s first beauty pageant for plus size women in 2006, which was televised nationally in the U.K. We go into more detail on how inspiring this was in our dedicated post on Charlotte Coyle.

Style: Charlotte modeled simple, everyday plus size clothing as part of Marks and Spencer’s initial plus clothing range, helping to normalize being of size in the U.K. As a plus model, she also flaunted many raunchy dresses, in particular famous for modeling some of the aforementioned Monif C. dresses in a now legendary shoot in New York.