While I previously bemoaned the fact we have very few tall plus size celebrities, one of the beautiful things about social media is that it’s introduced women to more realistic role models, and we can idolize and take inspiration from women with our own, wholly realistic, body types. And, thankfully, there are a ton of tall and plus size women who rock their size.

This page serves as a list of all the tall plus size influencers doing their thing on Instagram, blogs, or wherever. 

Note: there may be some overlap between models/influencers as many women do both. 

Second note (last one, promise): we are not “gatekeepers” who tell women they’re not tall, or plus size, but as this is a website for, and by tall fat women, we strive to feature influencers who are genuinely over a size 16 and at least 5’10” in height.

list of tall plus size influencers


Height: 6’3”
From: Kansas City
Insta: kalgirlup

kalli tall plus size influencer
Credit: Kallinbabyyy

A beautiful woman who truly embraces her height, she often posts hilarious photos of her comparing herself to things like her fridge (spoiler: she’s bigger.) Read our full feature on Kalli AKA Kallinbabyyy.

andy lagrande

Height: 6’1”
From: Ottawa
Insta: andylagrande

She describes herself as a “tall, powerful Canadian leader” and we aren’t disputing that. A brand ambassador for Alloy, Andy LaGrande is grand in every sense, standing 6’1” at a size 20.

She really tests the boundaries of what tall plus size fashion can be with some extremely loud fits, as well as simple daily outfits for her generous proportions. I particularly love how she rocks her long plus size swimsuits in summer.

leonela donatiú-ruiz

Height: 6”
From: Puerto Rico
Insta: leonelaplus

leonela tall plus size woman
Credit: leonelaplus

I will rarely admit to having a girl crush but holy mother of Mary, Leonela is a literal Goddess! She has modeled in Puerto Rico and I hope to see a lot more brands look to collaborate with this beauty going forward!

susan curry

Height: 5’11”
From: Miami via Oklahoma
Insta: suggamonkey

One of my personal favorites, the amazing Suggamonkey. Read our in-depth feature on Susan as an inspiring woman to delve into why she gave the finger to men in a viral newspaper story and her personal style!

emma tamsin hill

Credit: emmatamsinhill

Height: 5’11”
From: United Kingdom
Insta: emmatamsinhill

Big girl, big personality! Lots of love for this British beauty.

amara reyal

Height: 5’10”
From: Nigeria
Insta: amarareyal

African queen Amara is best known for her YouTube hauls.

casey (streetsbeatseats)

Height: 5’10”
From: Texas
Insta: streetsbeatseats

A very honest and open influencer, though perhaps not as plus size as others on the list, she loves creating content for women her body type.

And you know if she’s from Texas she has some great recommendations for wide calf cowgirl boots, take a look at how she fits her 19 inch calves here.

abbey roedel

Height: 6”
From: Nebraska
Insta: abbeyroedel

A treasure from the Midwest, Abbey has been doing her thing for a while and her plus size try-ons and sizing comparison videos are super helpful for tall plus size bodies with larger upper bodies and shoulders. 

She’s another one I hope to see modeling more in future, and you can read more about Abbey Roedel in our feature here.

These girls may not be as mainstream as models and celebrities but still command huge followings on social media due to their bravery and body positivity. 

Always looking to keep this updated! If you want to be featured, shout me!