These are the tall girls who rock being plus size, and command attention in more ways than one. Oh, and we don’t mean “curvy” women, we’re talking about genuinely plus size women here!

If you want more info on what we define as a tall plus size woman, you can check out our guide to the terminology we use. A lot of the celebrities on this list are notoriously coy about their actual measurements, which is disappointing, but as a rule of thumb all these women are at least 5’10” or over and have a dress size of at least 18, though many of them would wear a larger dress size based on their body types.

bridget everett

Height: 6’

bridget everett tall

The woman with the lungs. Seriously, listen to her sing, your mind will be blown! Bridget started her career appearing in musicals on Broadway and graduated into a fully fledged star actress, capping off her career with the excellent TV show that she wrote called Somebody, Somewhere. 

Admittedly, I didn’t know about Bridget until the show aired on HBO, but I cried inside when I saw her in this show. She makes no effort to conceal her size, or flaws, such is the nature of the show, and it is genuinely uplifting to see a 6 foot tall, plus size woman as the star of a show, with love interests pursuing her, not at all focused on her size but her journey. Love this woman!

lizzo tall
Lizzo always seems to stand out!


Height: 5’10”

Gotta give love to a true Midwest girl, and Lizzo has been an inspiration not only for big girls like myself but women everywhere. It’s so important that tall curvy women aren’t defined or limited to existing just to inspire women of a similar body type. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the representation, but Lizzo has truly transcended just being a big girl and her body positive and life positive affirmations have struck chords with women of all shapes and sizes.

In case you didn’t know, Lizzo is a Grammy award winning singer. She also produced the show “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” – not hard to see why she’s an idol to myself and other women like us out there!

hunter mcgrady

Height: 6’

hunter mcgrady

Featured on our list of tall plus size models, Hunter McGrady is definitely one of the more mainstream tall plus size women in the public image today.

As well as repeatedly modeling for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition, Hunter has created her own line for QVC shopping known as “All Worthy” and she seems to genuinely want to empower plus size women.

Hunter has drawn ire from some plus size women as she used to actually be a stick thin size 4 “mainstream model” before gaining weight. However, she is one of the most oustpoken plus size models in the industry today, focusing heavily on body equality and calling out body shaming.

hunter mcgrady tall
What a presence, girl!

This author particularly loves her hamburger-eating-wedding-dress photo, I mean, how freaking cool was that guys?!

mia amber davis (deceased)

Height: 6’

It pains me to have to write the part in parentheses, but Mia Amber Davis is arguably the most enduring plus size and tall woman of the bunch. 

Rising to fame as Rhonda in the teen comedy Road Trip is perhaps what she’s best known for outside the world of plus size fashion, but there was so much Mia Amber did other than this.

mia amber davis

She modeled extensively for well-known designers like Monif. C, and also brands like Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart, often being the first genuinely tall woman to appear in advertisements for these brands. Just listen how passionate Mia Amber is when describing some of the details on these fits on her TV appearance here. She makes sure to let everyone know plus size women need to dress to accentuate, not hide, their curves, and bold statements like this is why she is one of the most impactful tall plus size celebrities, even after passing.

nia jax

Height: 6’

Nia Jax gets an honorable mention as a kick-ass plus size wrestler, as we simply don’t see women her size running around a wrestling ring and throwing people around! 

She’s recently lost some weight, but there are many endearing images of her proudly showing off all of her curves in the ring, unashamed of any backlash from grounded wrestling fans, and she is absolutely stunning, too!

Genuinely tall and plus size celebrities are still, sadly, a stark minority. For more diversity, I suggest checking out my list of inspiring tall plus size influencers, who may not be as mainstream but still command huge followings on social media due to their bravery and body positivity. 

Oh and no, I don’t consider Megan Thee Stallion a tall plus size woman. She’s moderately curvy, in our books. This site bigs up genuinely tall and fat women!