It occured to me we’ve put the spotlight on a number of inspirational women from Australia, so I thought I’d do a round-up of all the tall Australian women we’ve featured as well as others who we haven’t gone into as much detail about! And, I know that down under they measure by the trusty metric system, so I’ve put their heights in both feet/inches and centimeters!

Caitlin Bassett

Height: 6’5”/196cm

A towering presence on the netball court, Caitlin helped the Australian Diamonds capture the 2011 and 2015 Netball World Cups. Standing 6 foot 5 she was certainly the focal point of their attacking game, and why not! She went on to captain the national side for 4 years.

Amelia Holz

Credit: @ameliaholz

Height: 6’3”/191cm

Ex-netball player (see a theme here?) Amelia stands an impressive 6 foot 3. She’ll happily post photos of her showing off her height with shorter friends and it seems like she truly embraces being an Amazon, which I love.

Caitlin Thwaites

Height: 6’2”/188cm

Keeping it sporty with another netball star named Caitlin, the only difference here is she’s 3 inches shorter than her namesake, Caitlin Bassett. Another integral part of the Australian national team, Caitlin is somewhat curvier and would have surely given any defenders a hard time using her body to her advantage, as she should.

Kealey Pennell

kealey pennell
Credit: @kealeypennell

Height: 6’1”/185cm

Kealey Pennell caught my eye as a tall plus size model who was not afraid to show all of her. She will rarely, if ever, “cover up” her jiggly bits or photoshop her body for the sake of an Instagram post. She is very real, and very tall for that matter, too. You go girl.

Kate Wasley

Height: 5’11”/180cm

There’s not much to say about beauty Kate that I haven’t already said in my dedicated post about her here. As a tall, plus size model she is a leading Australian voice in the body positive movement and an inspiration for plus women around the world. 

Mikayla Wain

Height: 5’10”/178cm

One of my favorite tall plus Australian models, Mikayla Wain is a bold and fearless inspiration, frequently posting stunning swimsuit pictures of her plus size body. She has a very boho style that I discuss in my post about her, and she is also athletic, having competed in gymnastics throughout her life. She breaks barriers everywhere she goes.

Hannah Smoorenburg

Height: 5’9”/175cm

Another plus model who appeared with Mikayla in the successful “swimsuits for all” campaign, Hannah has a sporty style and is again proof you can be fit at any size. She posts open, honest videos about being plus size and I’ve really been able to relate to her a lot.

The average Australian woman is 161cm. These women certainly tower above most as they continue to inspire women of all sizes by showing them anything is possible! Here are their heights in order:

  • Caitlin Bassett (6’5”)
  • Amelia Holz (6’3”)
  • Caitlin Thwaites (6’2”)
  • Kealey Pennell (6’1”)
  • Kate Wasley (5’11”)
  • Mikayla Wain (5’10”)
  • Hannah Smoorenburg (5’9”)