Susan Curry, otherwise known as Suggamonkey, is a plus size model and influencer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She utilizes her knowledge of social media and marketing to promote her mindset of being “a liberated woman” and has shown she is unafraid to take a stand for the bopo movement.

why she’s revered ✨

  • Her website, A Liberated Woman, encourages women to share stories of their enlightenment and create a community.
  • Promotes sustainable plus size fashion with her tireless posting of outfits, including swimwear and bikinis.
  • Her photoshoots are lit!

Susan is a woman who works, works, works. I admire her for her tireless work ethic in all she does just as much as I do her clothing recommendations and posts. She’s been around for a while now and her large social followings on many platforms show how popular she is. Unfortunately her old Insta page got removed (typical social media c**p) but at the time of writing she has over 26,000 Insta followers on her modeling page and her lifestyle blog has over 3,000.

suggamonkey thigh t shirt
Me too, girl!

the liberated woman

I mentioned her blog, which is called A Liberated Woman. This is actually how I discovered Susan way back when. The site focuses on using fashion to empower big women but also shares some inspiring stories from other plus size women speaking about their struggles and how they’ve found their own enlightenment.

When I first came across the site, I have to say I was stunned! I’d never seen something like this before. Far from simply posting her outfit ideas to Instagram (which, by the way, Susan is great at) she was actively encouraging other women to become “liberated” and cultivating a community by letting us know why she was doing the things she was. I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter.

Ngl I know most of what I know about her after listening to her interview here. She speaks about her goals, career so far, and you can really get a sense of her powerful mindset as she talks to the host.

On her site she’s blogged about her involvement in the NOH8 campaign, which has always been a personal favorite. Where Susan really shines is in posts like this one about her “swim body.”

In the post, Susan says that many women have actually told her how she’s inspired them to pull on a swimsuit and not be afraid of showing their fat. She mentions how she’s struggled with her size growing up, as most of us have, and her vulnerability adds a layer of authenticity to what she preaches: don’t be afraid, and you do you. I’ve added a quote from her blog below.

I felt vulnerable in each of my pics I have shared, but because I pushed past my fears and through insecurity I held my head high and pushed forward, and now I have moments and memories I am So PROUD OF!

speaking out about the realities of dating as a plus woman

We’ve all been there before, right? It’s been implied men are “doing you a favor” for speaking to you. You’ve overheard the comment about the “fat best friend.” Toxic masculinity and fatphobia are sadly, just part of dating as a plus size woman and reminders of just how far society still has to come.

Well, at the start of the pandemic, Susan took an almighty swing at the status quo and landed a blow in the form of a feature on “Uni Lad”, a top British online publication. The headline is excellent: “Plus-Sized Oklahoma Woman Calls Out Men Who Think ‘Big Girls Are Easy.’”

Now I’m not sure how this happened, but I’m guessing Susan’s PR people are pretty good! Anyway, Susan basically gives some quotes saying how men have always assumed she will sleep with them because she’s big. It also gives an insight into the childhood we’re all familiar with: wearing t-shirts to the pool and having to shop in different stores to your friends.

However, as “the liberated woman” she now is, Susan goes on to say she doesn’t let men treat her as anything but the Queen she is. Those guys looking to just use you are, I guess, relatively easy to spot and Susan says once she embraced her own self-worth it became super easy to let them know they were, frankly, idiots.

Susan truly stands out as someone who wants to challenge the status quo. I’m glad I found this article because it shows her in full activist mode and she does not hold back in saying how she feels about these moronic, preconceived notions of dating as a plus size woman. Susan’s popularity in our movement is continually growing due to appearances like this.

susan’s outfit inspo 👗

Credit: @suggamonkey

Effortlessly pulling off the Sunday brunch/Midwest pumpkin patch look 🤣 with the skinny jeans and cardigan here. I’d never heard of Judy Blue jeans before but a quick look on their Insta shows they promote (relatively) plus size women and I love how the cut knees look on Susan. I personally think more plus women should embrace the cut jeans look because we own it; I feature several pairs of cut jeans on my post about plus size tall jeans. Susan completes her look with a Torrid cardigan that matches her top.

Credit: suggamonkey

I’m literally going to try and recreate this outfit right now. Everything about this is 💯.

The criss cross crop top from SHEIN curve is daring and pulled off so well by her, if you look closer you’ll see it gives good support to the boobs, but these pants! Oh my gosh, they almost look like they have a velvety contour to them and they’re probably the comfiest pants ever. They flow so well off her tall body and accentuate the hips to perfection. These are from “The Plus Bus” which is definitely a brand I need to check out based on this.

You can tell Susan has been doing this a while, she has that confident, powerful model look about her! The black slides and red purse complete the look.

susan’s measurements

  • Susan is 5 foot 11 inches tall
  • She wears a size 22 dress and size 22/24 jeans.
  • Bust: 55”
  • Waist: 48”
  • Hips: 59”

notable facts about susan

  • She initially became popular in the social media world after utilizing Poshmark. She said she often saw images of clothes that were size 18 or higher but never saw women wearing them to get an idea of the fit, so she started to “model” her Poshmark clothes and her popularity soared.
  • Susan has a masters of business administration and is currently studying to get a doctorate in the same field.
  • She’s unafraid to speak out regarding marginalization as Susan Curry the model

where to find her