Whether you refer to these ladies as super-sized BBWs, infinifats, or just confident fat women, it doesn’t really matter, because they’ve been breaking down barriers for a LONG time by proudly posting about themselves and their lives as fat women.

Here, I’m going to list some of the ‘OGs’ of the social media body positivity movement, and why they’re so inspiring.

glitter and lazers

Name: Anna O’Brien
Followers: 1m+
Insta: Glitter and Lazers

ssbbw influencer

Hips to die for. For real. When I first came across Anna O’Brien what must’ve been over ten years ago, this was the first time I’d see a very big woman so in control of herself and so grounded, it was so amazing to see just how confident she was in herself.

She garnered such a huge following because she’s authentic: not only does she make no ifs or buts about being super fat, she’s also opened up about mental health issues she’s faced throughout her life. People get her.

mary boberry

Name: Mary BoBerry
Followers: 300k+
Insta: officialboberry 
YT: Mary Does YT

super plus size influencer

This is a plus size girlie who gets around! Seriously, it’s one of the reasons I love following her. She has some amazing videos and guides for traveling as a plus size woman, and I think anyone who likes fat women can just objectively say she looks absolutely beautiful in a bikini!

She’s recently started a YouTube channel where she vlogs about her adventures, and lets nothing hold her back. One of her videos was about riding an ATV in the desert, for instance.

courtney mina (plump princess)

Name: Courtney Mina
Followers: 200k+
Insta: a_romantic_tale

As a taller plus size beauty, we already gushed over Courtney at serious length, so check out our post about Courtney Mina as an inspiring woman.

I love her glow up that she’s been rocking the past few years, and like the other women on this list she’s never afraid to dress up, often favoring medieval-style costumes to make herself literally like a fat Queen, yas. 

Courtney wrote about living with lipedema for Bustle in an incredibly real article, too. Her legs are so beautiful, and I guess “plump”, she could’ve fooled me!

plump princess

shawna farmer

Name: Shawna Farmer/Chubby Cartwheels
Followers: 30k+
Insta: SSBBW Sasha

As far as I know, the only woman on here to have literally designed and operated her own clothing brand! Chubby Cartwheels was founded by Shawna as a means to give other ssbbws clothing designed specifically for their bodies.

Chubby Cartwheels eventually shut down, and Shawna mostly performs online as SSBBW Sasha, calling herself the fat, fabulous Goddess of the pacific northwest. We’re all here for that big girl energy.

Read our glowing post on Shawna Farmer/SSBBW Sasha for more.

shawna farmer

jess teacakes

Name: Jae
Followers: 90k+
Insta: Jess Teacakes

Known prominently in the ssbbw industry as SSBBW Jae, Jess has stopped modeling and posts mostly about being a tarot card reader, general witchy ways, and kick ass outfit ideas for super plus size bodies.

From Ohio, she recently modeled for Cleveland-based store Secondhand Stare, gracing them with a true infinifat body and showing her intoxicating beauty. 

Be sure to read our roundup of tall, plus size influencers too, and obviously let us know if there are any other amazing super plus size beauties we need to be adding to this list! Mwah.