Shawna Farmer, known by her stage name as SSBBW Sasha, is a former plus size clothing designer and content creator. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a prominent voice in the plus size community.

why she’s revered ✨

  • Founded legendary boutique clothing brand Chubby Cartwheels
  • Bold and brave fashion sense

I would consider Shawna to be an OG in the plus size community. There are many different dimensions, literally, to her, but without a doubt her notoriety came from founding the legendary Chubby Cartwheels.

chubby cartwheels

As someone who’s followed Shawna for a long time, I remember she always used to say how she wanted to put her skills as a designer to the test and break boundaries by creating stylish clothing options for supersized fat women. Well, at the start of the 2010’s this came to fruition, in the form of Chubby Cartwheels.

First of all, the name was excellent. It forced you to associate an overweight person with an activity the boundaries of society generally reserve for skinny or athletic folk. The idea of a chubby person doing cartwheels always struck a chord with me, and indeed, this was very much Shawna’s game when it came to creating plus size clothing, too.

Dealing in sizes 1x-5x, with custom sizes available, Chubby Cartwheels excelled in creating stylish dresses. Not dresses that simply looked like tents on SSBBW. Dresses that accentuated curves, dresses that made you feel like a Queen, but also dresses that could be worn daily. There is no greater example of this than the preview for her old line, again, brilliantly named Curves Reign. The model here is none other than the legendary Plump Princess.

Chubby Cartwheels seemed to make sizes that also included taller plus women, which we should also commend Shawna for.

Shawna also embraced the fat with her designs, coming up with a number of figure-hugging vinyl bodysuits, and custom crop tops like the one worn by Meagan Kerr here. She was clear in her mission statement: all bodies should be celebrated through clothing, and our fat bodies in particular should be celebrated through clothing. 

Chubby Cartwheels closed during the pandemic. We mourn the loss!

ssbbw sasha

Outside of clothes designing, Shawna has been a successful content creator under the stage name SSBBW Sasha. Most of the content on her Instagram today is geared around “Sasha”, providing fat fetish content to an obviously captive market. 

shawna’s outfit inspo 👗

What I love most about Shawna is she openly celebrates her fatness, and does not let her size pigeon hole into wearing certain types of outfits. In doing so is inspirational. She features in our round-up of tall plus size leggings, modeling the Superfit Superhero leggings in a size 6X.

A lot of her outfit posts these days involve designs that bare her waist proudly to the world and also aim to incite fury from making her neighbors stare at a fat woman. Yas, Queen.

This is a Chubby Cartwheels design, so unfortunately you won’t be able to put it together yourself but I just had to mention it because WOW, the sheer vinyl look on her body is giving me true boss BBW feels. The material looks like it’s working hard to contain her curves and clings beautifully to her belly and hips. I love to see plus size women embrace different looks like this; she is amazing.

This fit brings a distinctly more professional look while also staying cute. The lounger dress is by Peridot robes, which I’m definitely gonna have to check out after this because the length is awesome, running almost to Shawna’s ankles. The simple cardigan on top completes the look and shows Shawna has many.

shawna’s measurements

  • Shawna is 5’7”
  • She weighs over 500lbs, and is considered an infinifat on the fat spectrum
  • Chest: 72″
  • Waist: 65″
  • Hips: 81″

where to find her