Rachel Raab is a super tall, and super confident woman from Portland, Oregon.

why she’s revered ✨

  • Loves being a super tall woman!
  • Posts regular pics and videos on social media of her actively showing her off her height in a positive light

a positive follow

Rachel has been a really positive follow on Instagram for me because of the way she presents her height: as a gift! There is no pretense with her, she strikes me as a woman who genuinely loves standing 6 foot 6, and she lets everyone know about it!

Credit: @itsraininglegs

Oh sure, just casually measure up to a 7 foot tall basketball player. Love that wingspan, girl.

I believe the barrier went up to 6 foot 5 😂

As a tall, plus size woman, for me it’s important to find inspiration from a wide variety of female role models and share how they’ve helped me grow. So often, growing up tall, you’re told to not let it be a part of your identity and to just act normal. Well, I call bs on that, as I think there’s something beautiful about showing off your height like Rachel does.

Simply seeing some of Rachel’s posts like this appear on my feed makes me glow inside: the fact a woman much taller than myself is embracing her height and size so much brings me such positive reinforcements, and I hope to see many more posts like these from Rachel!

rachel’s style

Rachel has a very athletic vibe and subsequently her style consists of a lot of activewear such as long leggings, sweaters, and tees. She also rocks jeans and dresses, finding a lot of her clothing at tall girl staples Amalli Talli and American Tall.

rachel raab long legs

notable facts about rachel

  • Rachel is 6 foot 6 inches tall
  • She is married with two children
  • You can follow her on Instagram
  • She apparently has the longest legs in the Pacific Northwest, and though I couldn’t find any official evidence, I would not dispute that!

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