Rachel Denis is a plus size powerlifter from Florida, now based in New York City. She holds multiple powerlifting records and works as a coach. She also does this while managing to look amazing.

why she’s revered ✨

  • A record-holding powerlifting champion
  • Loves being in the body she’s in and uses this to achieve feats most normal people simply can’t

We’ve highlighted the incredible Holley Mangold before, and Rachel Denis is another excellent example of a plus size woman utilizing her natural size to compete, and slay, in the world of athletics. Rachel was featured in a Buzzfeed article on plus size athletes where she stated she was drawn to powerlifting because it made her feel strong, as well as be strong, and she began competing because she has always been a super competitive person.

strong in body, strong in mind

In a great interview with Fabuplus magazine, Rachel said it was actually hard to describe all the ways in which powerlifting has changed her life. Physically, her body is a platform that she can use to do things that, in her own words, the majority of the general population, can’t! Mentally, knowing that she is stronger than most anyone allowed her to find her inner voice and confidence as a plus size woman.

The focus has become much less about what my body looks like, and much more about what it can accomplish, which has been incredibly liberating. 

I also want to make something very clear though: while my focus is on what my body can do, I do also truly love the way my body looks. I love my muscularity and thickness, and nobody can take that away from me. 

Rachel Denis

As a bigger girl who competed in sport growing up, this sentiment can’t be more true. Sport is a fantastic way to use your natural assets to achieve something, participate in a team and build bonds with other women and/or men, and generally gain confidence. I also love the fact Rachel said she loves the way her body looks! Rachel is truly an inspiring woman.

rachel’s lifting stats (in case you were curious!)

  • Rachel won a powerlifting gold at the Northeast Regional Championships
  • Rachel competes in the 185+ weight class
  • Her “fighting” weight ranges from 200-227lbs
  • Her raw bench press PB is a huge 193lbs
  • Her raw squat PB is a mind-blowing 364lbs – keep going, girl!