So, I’ve practiced yoga for over a year now. It’s something I never thought I could conquer, somewhere I never thought I’d belong, well… these are some of the gals who inspired me to pick up the mat and try a downward facing dog! Even when my belly comes out or my legs just won’t bend the way I want them to, actively doing yoga is an amazing workout for the body and mind, no matter what size you are, and these are the women to follow for big girl yoga inspiration.

lipzsparkle (anna)

Hailing from Thailand, Anna is a genuinely plus size yogi who posts incredible and honest posts about doing yoga as a big girl. In one of her recent posts she recalls “I remember my tummy and boobs squashing making it hard to breathe…” I love that! Yoga is not a perfect construct and not meant to be easy. Embrace the pain!

Credit: lipzsparkle

simply_keeyah (kenetta)

Kenetta is an all-round plus size fitness beauty. As well as posting inspirational yoga posts, you’ll find her doing pull-ups at the gym, deadlifts, and more. She’s not afraid to show the jiggly bits, either. And why not when you look like her! 

yogaandmahogany (ashley rhae)

Everything about this girl is lit. The hair, the profession (civil rights lawyer) and some of these yoga poses are just wow! What I love most about Ashley Rhae is her openness and transparency in her posts. She admitted in one photo of her doing a yoga pose that “all I see are my fat arms” which is something those of us with body dysmorphia can absolutely attest to. To have a fabulous, successful woman like this show her vulnerability and let us know it’s okay to doubt yourself, is super important, and I have a TON of respect for her.

fringeish (shannon)

Watching Shannon effortlessly move between poses is an almost cathartic experience! She is a yoga instructor who boldly proclaims she “helps folks take up space on and off the mat” which I absolutely love. She would be classed as an infinifat but has more flexibility than most athletic people I know who do yoga, so yeah, literally anyone can be active and healthy in case you were still wondering about that! Shannon will post side-by-sides of her doing the same poses as much smaller yogis to reaffirm this notion. What a heroine!

omiesyoga (tamara)

Tamara is from Alberta, Canada and promotes “yoga for every body” with her inclusive classes. She also teaches other aspiring yoga teachers and undoubtedly passes on her wisdom and open mindset to them as she does so. For workout inspiration or to book sessions, check out her links here.

If you’re wanting to start yoga and are looking for some outfit help, check out our guide to plus size tall yoga pants here. And if you know any more great names I should add to the list, lmk in the comments!