Editorial note: I’m listing the actresses’ “listed” weight and/or dress size if the information is available. At Tall Plus Life, we own our size and feel it’s important that plus size role models are open about things like their measurements as this transparency makes them more relatable, and helps us “see” true role models.

joy nash

Famous for: Dietland (2018)
Measurements: 5’8, 250lbs

After rocketing to internet fame with a series of comic videos around her embracing being fat, Nash landed a starring role in Dietland on AMC. Playing an aspiring plus-size writer in the beauty industry, we see how hard it is to be in the industry as a woman of size, though the show’s message is that of self-acceptance. 

Joy Nash

mia amber davis

Famous for: Road Trip (2002)
Measurements: 6’, 300lbs

Though Davis’ appearance in this frat boy comedy can be considered a novelty, you can see her radiate power throughout, and her work as a plus size model and former editor of Plus Model Magazine is legendary.


Famous for: Watch Out for the Big Grrrls (2022)
Measurements: 5’10, 300lbs 

Okay, she’s known more for her musical endeavors but she’s The Queen guys, so she makes the list. 

melissa mccarthy

Famous for: Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)
Measurements: 5’2, dress size 14-18

Melissa McCarthy was one of the highlights of the timeless wonder that is Gilmore Girls. Interestingly enough, McCarthy gained weight between the end of Gilmore Girls and some of her more notable movie roles (The Heat, where she starred alongside Sandra Bullock) is a good example of that. She is one of the few stars to buck the trend and gain weight during her career, though she has lost some recently.

queen latifah

Famous for: The Equalizer (2020-present)
Measurements: 5’10, 200-250lbs

Another woman whose weight naturally goes up and down, some of her more memorable appearances came when she was of fuller figure, starring alongside Eugene Levy and Steve Martin in 2003’s Bringing Down the House. Her current role as The Equalizer is particularly groundbreaking however, placing a plus size woman of color in a starring role you would typically expect a fit, white male to assume. 

Indeed, Dana Elaine Owens, as she was born, has a habit for breaking the mold. In a recent interview she said she doesn’t take on jobs revolving around her having to lose or gain weight. Rightly so. To think that’s a stipulation of roles in this day and age is sad. She is absolutely one of the most famous plus size black actresses to do it.

Queen Latifah

chrissy metz

Famous for: This Is Us (2016)
Measurements: 5’4

Metz is one of the most recognizable faces on the hit NBC Drama This Is Us. While she’s never publicly listed her weight, and has indeed lost weight during the show, the producers should be commended for presenting a plus woman in a “normal” role.

sharon rooney

Famous for: Barbie (2023)
Measurements: 5’11

The dazzling definition of a tall, plus size woman, Sharon Rooney made her name through UK Channel 4 production My Mad Fat Diary, before being cast as the “plus size” Barbie in the feature hit in 2023.

Sharon makes no ifs and buts about her height and size, often styling her outfits with a good pair of heels, and I can seen an inspiring women segment on her in my near future!

Sharon Rooney

mindy lahiri

Famous for: The Mindy Project (2012-2017)
Measurements: 5’4, 38-29-37

After getting her start on The Office, Mindy got her own show where she actively promoted confidence in being plus size. Plus size actresses such as the aforementioned Joy Nash joined Mindy for various episodes and she was never afraid to present women of size in ordinary life situations, not simply as a minor character or the classic “fat best friend.”

beanie feldstein

Famous for: Booksmart (2019)
Measurements: 5’7

Feldstein has entirely stepped out of the shadow of her brother, Jonah Hill, and is arguably now a more accomplished actor after starring in countless roles after her breakout performance in Booksmart. Feldstein likes to glam it up at events and is not afraid to bare her chest and arms, as you can see in this awesome pic with Kaitlyn Dever. Perhaps her greatest interview to date was here in the Independent, a piece that’s famously titled “Our society conflates thinness with goodness. It’s frightening.” You go, Beanie.