The Plump Princess, also know as Courtney Mina, is a web model from Canada. She’s widely regarded as one of the most successful and committed “fat fetish” models, though her influence in the community spans further than simply producing online content and she is an inspiration to countless women.

why she’s revered ✨

  • Promotes fatness as a positive trait to be celebrated and shared with others
  • Provides representation for women with large legs
  • Subverts the stereotype of a princess fabulously!

opening up about lipedema 

So, I didn’t come across Plump Princess’ modeling persona first. I came across an article Courtney wrote for Bustle (she’s a talented wordsmith) where she spoke about an “experiment” she did by posting a photo and drawing attention to her #fatlegs to see the sort of responses she’d get. She openly said she has lipedema, which specifically makes one’s legs store an abnormal amount of fat, and that dieting does not influence the size of her legs.

As most of us know, the fat bottom has risen to fame exponentially over the last decade or so, but to be “fat” in other areas is still considered taboo. Courtney wanted to see what sort of responses she’d receive to being brazen about her fat legs, which by the way, look beautiful, and unsurprisingly the internet trolls of all shapes and colors came out. Essentially, Courtney concluded:

There will always be trolls and mean humans on the Internet. Fat phobia is still rampant in our society, with people still using the whole “health concern” thing as a way to shame us.


This is a particularly negligent form of trolling, whereby (mostly men) on the internet appear too dumb or too insecure themselves to realize that medically, there are reasons for being overweight that are often outside of our control. It was refreshing to see Courtney writing about this experience in a publication with the gravitas of Bustle, immediately endearing herself to me and many others, I’m sure.

longevity in the web model industry

I won’t dwell on Plump Princess’ time as a fetish model for ages, as honestly there’s not too much to comment on. She’s found a niche, she’s making it work, and she’s promoting her fat-positive outlook with adoring fans.

The couple things I would point out that she’s done amazingly well:

healthy weight gain

Seriously, some of these women gain too much weight way too quickly. Courtney started her modeling career at I believe 300lbs or so, and that was literally 15-16 years ago. So for her to be 450lbs now, accounting for typical age-related weight gain as your metabolism slows and other things, isn’t that extreme. She’s also got the honor of being a tall bbw, and we know we generally weigh more due to our height!

does content on her terms

So she’s gained weight, for sure, but it’s been done on her own terms. I know a few models in the industry who really admire her for this, not only with her weight but with all her content she produces. There’s nothing overtly nude or things that could be damaging to her personally. Plump Princess really seems to embrace her weight and the various kinks that come with it.

As someone who’s briefly flirted with this industry, burnout can be a thing. I think there’s something to be celebrated in how much Courtney genuinely loves and cherishes her fatness that promoting it is something she’s been able to do for so long.

let’s talk about her being an actual princess 👸

When it comes to the Plump Princess’ style, there are no corners cut. She dresses like a literal princess and as a lover of cosplay her outfits just absolutely exhilarate me almost as much as her captions!

What the actual! Growing up I’d never seen anything resembling a plus woman, let alone a super plus woman, as a literal princess. These sorts of shoots picturing her in a beautiful pink dress with an actual crown are so important to see. Not only does she totally glow in these photos, but she completely subverts the stereotype that a princess has to be an innocent, stick-thin damsel in distress that needs to be saved by a big, strong prince. 

The quote on her post? “You think a courtship and a hunt are two separate things…they are not.” Good luck to any man trying to impose himself on Courtney! I love this lady!

Here, she presents a more celestial, calm presence as a Princess going about her daily reading. As always, Courtney is not afraid to display her big arms, legs, and whatever she feels like in normalizing beauty at any size. She has been a massive inspiration for me for many years.

plump princess’ measurements

  • The Plump Princess’ current weight is around 450lbs
  • She’s 5 foot 10 inches tall
  • Hips: 70+”

where to find her