Way down under, a fat woman has been calling it like it is for the best part of a decade. Meagan Kerr is a plus size model from New Zealand (kia ora!) but her work to challenge established perceptions of beauty transcends merely posting outfit inspirations to Instagram.

Megan has cited super plus size women such as Shawna Farmer as her inspirations for getting into modeling.

why she’s revered ✨

  • Fires shots on the regular at publications that promote bodies as trends
  • Spoke out about lipedema diagnosis
  • Provides super plus size fashion inspiration for women size 3X and up

the times meagan took it to mainstream fashion

”get in the sea, ny post“

We could talk about Meagan’s awesome outfit posts, but why focus on that when she’s achieved cult fame for continually firing shots at mainstream fashion!?

This was her most recent critique, when she called out the New York Times for ridiculously trying to suggest that “heroin chic” was now back in style. Yes, that much-maligned, dangerous fashion movement we associate with nineties supermodels, and you know, poor health, bore the ire of Meagan, and rightly so. I couldn’t have made the point better myself.

”diet culture garbage“ 🥰

I told you she calls it like it is. I remember seeing this article when it came out and it was so awesome to see a woman of size gracing a tabloid notorious for commenting on the bodies and weights of celebrities.

Anyone else feel bombarded with predatory advertising for diets and ‘wellness plans’ and ‘new year, new you’ gym memberships and detox/cleanse tea that makes you (poop) and all manner of other diet culture garbage at the moment? There’s always a lot of that around at this time of year so here’s a little something to shake up your feed.


speaking out about her lipedema diagnosis

Recently, Meagan opened up about being diagnosed with lipedema. As someone not too familiar with the disease, I read her posts on social and her website and was taken aback by just how much lipedema can affect someone. 

Meagan goes into detail about how the condition makes it painful even when a small dog sits on her lap, or when someone gently touches her legs. I also found it poignant when she was talking about seeing other family members’ fat arms and legs and thinking this was just normal when she was younger, but coming to realize “fatness” was not a choice for her, but a condition.

The image from Meagan’s brave post on lipedema. Credit: thisismeagankerr

We’ve previously seen plus size icon Courtney Mina embrace her lipedema by drawing attention to her #fatlegs in a post designed to see what trolls said. Turns out, sadly, the trolls came out in abundance, so the fact women choose to come forward and share their lipedema stories with the completely negative attitude towards the condition from lots of the general public (insert stupid “she’s just fat, go to the gym” comment) is commendable.

meagan’s measurements

  • Meagan is 5 foot 6 inches tall
  • She would be considered superfat on the fatness spectrum (I deplore using phrases like this, but without any other measurements we can assume Meagan is a US size 26 or above.)

where to find her