Lindsay Hayward enjoyed an illustrious career in showbiz as an exceptionally tall (6 foot 8) woman.

why she’s revered ✨

  • Brought very tall women into the mainstream as a wrestler
  • Starred in reality TV show My Giant Life

wrestling career

Growing up, the image of the Amazon women had, for me, mostly been appropriated by Lucy Lawless as Xena, Warrior Princess. Basically, a fictional portrayal of an Amazon (Lawless is slightly above average height, but nowhere near my height.) Then, I came across a lady called Isis the Amazon, and I realized that actual Amazons did exist, and they could kick ass!

Though she never made it to WWE, Isis the Amazon, also known as Aloisia, was famous in the wrestling world for being exceedingly tall, 6 foot 8 and a bit to be precise. It is fantastic to see women of all shapes and sizes competing athletically, and from what I can tell Isis did more than compete, she often handed the men a beating!

my giant life and acting

This was a reality show airing on TLC, of course, between 2014 and 2017. Lindsay was one of the stars of the show, the tallest woman featured at 6 foot 9, which followed around tall women in the pursuit for love, careers, and ultimately acceptance. The show is a light watch and I’m not entirely sure us tall girls like being called “giants” but it nevertheless provided some relatability for tall girls as it showed the daily struggles that we go through such as flying, and of course, shopping for clothes. Another inspiring women who bared all for the show is Haleigh Hampton-Carvalho.

Lindsay’s acting career includes a host of appearances on shows like Grey’s Anatomy. She played a 7-foot tall CEO in the film R100, and to date is the tallest actress to ever star in a leading role. Kudos must be given to production companies for having the gumption to cast Lindsay, a woman who most certainly breaks the mould.

Lindsay is never afraid to use her platform (these days social media) to voice issues relating to being tall.

We relate, Lindsay!

weight loss

Lindsay Hayward’s weight loss has been relatively overlooked since she left the limelight of the showbiz world. At 6’8” she weighed around 240lbs, as she was billed anyway, which is not a ton of weight for someone that tall. Her weight was not what she built her fame on, the height was always the star attraction. I’ve rarely seen anybody call her overweight or comment on her weight, but weight loss seems to be a regular path for ex-bbw wrestlers to go down, namely another tall plus icon, Rosie Lottalove

My stance is, if it makes you happy, that’s fine. My enduring memories of Lindsay are of her with a fuller figure, and that’s how she’ll stay for me.

lindsay’s measurements

  • Height: 6 foot 8
  • Billed weight: Around 240lbs
  • Lindsay wears a size 13 shoe

where to find her now