Kealey Pennell is a part-time model who hails from Sydney, Australia. She is an inspiring tall plus as she goes beyond simply providing outfit inspiration and consistently reminds her followers that one can be healthy, and fit, while still having cellulite and not conforming to traditional beauty standards. 

why she’s revered ✨

  • Posts affirmations about life as a plus size woman
  • Promotes being both active and healthy at a larger size

some of kealey’s inspiring messages

As a legit plus size model, Kealey posts some great outfit ideas and pulls everything off really well. But the reason I admire her is she goes one step further, showing her vulnerability and exposing some of her previous concerns about growing up with her big body. I particularly love this post of her in activewear where she addresses her previous relationship with crop tops.

Crop tops and I, used to have a love hate relationship. Sometimes, we still do, and that’s ok!


It’s about knowing that your size doesn’t determine what’s in your wardrobe. I lived like that for TOO LONG! I would cover up during Summer and almost sweat to death, rather than show my skin. I lost so many years where I could have been swimming care free at the beach, but instead I was wearing tights and a hoodie on a 40 degree day. You can wear what you want, however you want, wherever and whenever you want


kealey’s style 👗

Being from Australia, Kealey can often be found showing off swimsuits and activewear. She is very tall at 6’1” and has larger shoulders and slimmer hips, thus provides inspiration for women with similar figures as she pulls off these outfits beautifully.

This is an old post now but I wanted to draw attention to it because it was one of the first pics I saw of Kealey and I just want to laud her for showing off her tummy in such a candid way. The traditional “plus size model” conforms to the “thin tummy/big ass” agenda but often, these figures are completely unattainable for most women. Kealey’s tummy and natural beauty look vivacious here.

When you pair pictures she posts like these with some of the ones of her working out and generally being active, it’s a reminder that you can be healthy at any size, and that your cellulite doesn’t dictate a damn thing! Kealey is an inspiring tall plus.

The way she presents herself in activewear overall is inspiring. She looks athletic with her excellent height but is not afraid to show off her tummy rolls. Photos like this go a long way to normalizing bigger bodies in fitness, and the (presumably Australian) brand she collaborated with should be commended for working with her too.

kealey’s measurements

  • Kealey is 6 foot 1 inches tall
  • She weighs around 200lbs
  • She wears a size 16 Australian dress/size 12 US

where to find her


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