Hunter McGrady is one of the most renowned plus size models. She also happens to be very tall, and outspoken on issues about body image and stigmas, making her a modern age icon for tall, plus size women.

why she’s revered ✨

  • The largest woman to feature in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition
  • Fights for inclusivity in the world of fashion
  • Eats what she wants!
  • She’s like, literally, a Greek Goddess

I’m sure most reading this will be familiar with Hunter’s work as a model, so I wanted to focus on some other aspects of this gorgeous woman’s work. I’ll also discuss the erroneous records of her weight, which I feel is something I need to call out as someone with a similar type of body to hers.

hunter mcgrady tall
Hunter McGrady: definition of an inspirational tall, plus size woman

campaigning for body equality

Hunter has arguably raised the profile of plus size women more than anyone else throughout her career.

She is the largest body to be featured in Sports Illustrated’s swimwear edition, and was the first plus size woman to be featured on the front cover of The Knot, a famous bridal magazine.

When you listen to Hunter talk about body equality, she is far from someone who rests on her laurels. On her podcast, that she does with her sister Michaela, she frequently calls out brands, fashion shows and models who promote the idea of “thinness” as “beauty” and some of her on-air interviews are also empowering to watch.

hunter mcgrady

postpartum stigmas

This was a particularly interesting interview Hunter did on New York Live, where she said she felt it was important for her to keep modeling for SI after the birth of her first child, to show that her body had changed and this was nothing to be ashamed of. 

There is a stigma that once you’ve had a child, your inherent beauty somehow diminishes, and I give a lot of credit to Hunter for speaking out about this and making these interviews less about her modeling, and more about wider issues women, not just plus size women, face.

on her relationship with food

One of the most interesting posts Hunter put out there was about trying to teach her children to have a healthy relationship with food.

I wholeheartedly agree with the notion that there is no such thing as “bad” and “good” food, and promoting food in this light to children can only lead to issues with eating and body image. Heck, most plus size women I speak to had a difficult relationship with food at some point in our lives, and the way diet culture presents the link between “unhealthy eating” and ‘weight” usually exacerbates this.

One thing I’m ensuring I do is to never make food an issue. You didn’t finish? No worries. Not hungry? Don’t stress. Dessert and main course are served at once and it’s never an issue. FOOD. IS. NOT. A. REWARD.


Hunter famously posed with a hamburger in her wedding dress, in one of my favorite ever photos. This was her essentially sticking her middle finger up to diet culture, and asserting herself as a plus size heroine for our times!

Anyone who says Cheesecake Factory isn’t a date spot can meet us behind the closest Dairy Queen for a skirmish!


hunter’s weight

Yes, we need to talk about it. This is a topic I wanted to discuss because the current numbers I see on the internet are so wrong it’s hilarious, listing Hunter as 238lbs. If your girl is over 300lbs at a similar height to Hunter, this is just categorically wrong.

It’s reasonable to put Hunter’s weight in the region of 270-300lbs.

She can sometimes appear even larger than this, and sometimes a little smaller, but at 6 feet tall, 238 she ain’t. 

This is not Hunter’s fault at all, FYI, but demonstrates part of the growing problem I have with plus size modeling agencies who refuse to disclose the ‘true’ weight of the women they’re promoting. How can we be expected to relate to these women if they’re constantly doctoring measurements? 

This number was obviously leaked early in her career and is apparently what every publication on the web has copied. I’m not saying Hunter needs to get on a scale, I’m just saying as a plus size tall girlie, that weight is laughably wrong.

hunter mcgrady runway

clothing endorsements

Hunter’s All Worthy line is available on QVC.

She has endorsed Summersalt swimsuits, which rank as one of my top recommended long torso plus size swimsuits that fit taller, curvy bodies really well.

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