Hannah Smoorenburg is from Melbourne, Australia. She is a tall, plus size woman who models part-time.

why she’s revered ✨

  • Took part in the “swimsuits for all” campaign
  • Not afraid to be vulnerable about experiences as a plus size woman

swimsuits for all campaign

This was where I first found out about Hannah. Along with Mikayla Wain, another incredible plus size Aussie who is an inspiring woman in her own right, Hannah challenged the perceptions of which “body” can wear a swimsuit with this bold campaign back in 2018. Swimsuits for All was put together by the brand Swimwear Galore and the Body Image Movement to show off their bright, bold swimsuits on a variety of “different” bodies. As Hannah is tall with wide hips, she obviously pulled off the swimsuit like a beauty. Her and Mikayla were the only true “plus size” women included, though the other models helped bring a diversity to the project that got a lot of media coverage.

posting about body comments growing up

Occasionally, in the fickle world of social media, I come across a post or video that really resonates with me. This TikTok by Hannah did just that.

Among some of the phrases she recalls hearing all the time are things like “if you’re hungry, just eat fruit” or “you’re tall, if you lost the weight you could be a model.” As someone who tried plus size modeling for a hot minute, that last comment really resonated with me. There are such stigmas about weight even in that industry, and to hear a model like Hannah coming out and sharing some of these comments reminded me of my own struggles, and how far society (in general) still has to come r.e body image.

hannah’s outfit inspo 👗

When it comes to Hannah’s style, as she is physically very active her activewear outfits are really great inspiration for women with wider hips. This fit from Ryder shows the high-waisted leggings hugging her figure beautifully and the earthy color really complements her tan (jel!)

I would love to know where she picked this coat up in Australia, as it hangs low on her relatively tall figure and is stark against the black top and denim jeans. There’s something decidedly fall about this outfit and I’m all for it.

hannah’s measurements

  • Hannah is 5 foot 9 inches tall
  • She weighs around 200lbs
  • Bust: 41”
  • Waist: 31”
  • Hips: 45”

where to find her