Haleigh Hampton-Carvalho is an inspiring tall woman. She currently works as a beach volleyball coach, though she is most known for letting the cameras follow her around as a reality TV star in the TLC show “My Giant Life.”

why she’s revered ✨

  • Rose to fame on TLC’s “My Giant Life”
  • Not afraid of being bigger than her partner

addressing being taller than your partner

I love Haleigh in this clip. She asks her friend about what she wants in a guy and she says “super tall, like at least six feet tall.” Okay, first of all, six feet ain’t “super tall” for a guy, girl.

Haleigh literally rolls her eyes at this immediately, and goes on to counter asking why height should matter if her hypothetical boyfriend treats her right and makes her feel special.

The reality is, as tall girls we can’t be “picky” else we literally eliminate a good chunk of “good guys.” It’s sad to see Haleigh having to explain this to someone, and how this makes a TV show (though I guess that was the point of this show) but Haleigh really shines as she stands up for her own husband, Brian. What’s really great is in the comments on the YouTube video we see loads of tall women saying they found love with smaller guys and don’t regret a thing… don’t the small ones try harder, anyway, like for real?

This echoes a similar sentiment declared by SSBBW influencer Fat Positive Fairy that it’s okay to be “bigger” than your partner, and this really shouldn’t be that crazy a phenomenon. 

haleigh hampton carvalho body contrast positive
Credit: haleigh hampton carvalho

I believe Haleigh’s husband is about 5’9” and at 6’7” there’s an obvious difference between them, but they seriously look so happy together in these pictures!

haleigh carvalho tall
Reminder: there are things taller than you as a tall woman!

In this segment, Haleigh also speaks about how hard it was for her to find maternity clothes. We hear you, girl. We recently put together a guide on the best tall plus size maternity pants but it was a struggle to get more than a few options together!

beach volleyball babe

Haleigh played collegiate volleyball for three seasons at Long Beach State University. She played a year at Clemson University also. Now, she coaches the women’s beach volleyball team at OUAZ (Ottawa University Arizona.)

haleigh’s measurements

  • Haleigh stands 6 foot 7 inches tall
  • She appears to have recently lost weight as per her Instagram photos
  • Similar to her other My Giant Life co-star Lindsay Hayward, Haleigh could have been defined as tall and plus size on the show when it aired in 2017; she looks beautiful either way!

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