The Fat Positive Fairy, AKA Rachel and previously known as “Corgifairy”, is a plus-sized influencer and champion for body positivity from Michigan with a loyal and engaged following online. She continually inspires me to be confident in my body!

why she’s revered ✨

  • A social media voice for plus women
  • Represents “super-sized” BBWs
  • Challenges accepted norms in a positive manner

I love Rachel because her body shape is iconic for its difference. Indeed, her body is unlike that of a lot of traditional plus sized models. She carries the bulk of her weight on her midriff and belly, and has a true “apple” appearance to compliment her stunning All-American girl next door looks. Her difference and fat-positive outlook on life are some of the reasons why she has a strong following.

She initially chose the name Corgifairy to reflect her love for Corgi dogs and rose to fame via Tumblr way back when. 

becoming a powerful voice for plus women

The brilliance of the Fat Positive Fairy is as a true champion for plus-size fashion inclusivity and representing large women as an influencer.

Her Instagram page has over 34,000 followers and she produces excellent content. Her impressive following has seen her become an influencer for Lane Bryant.

One of her most popular posts focused on the fact that it’s okay to be larger than your partner. Rachel posted a full body photo of her and her partner at the time, showing she wasn’t scared to be as big as she is and encouraging other plus size women to feel the same way. She continues to challenge accepted norms and be an advocate for body positivity today.

She also recently posted a video with her opinion on the “Yitty” brand’s sizing controversy, whereby the brand’s sizing wasn’t as inclusive as it claimed to be. She pointed out that Lizzo, the model signed to promote the brand’s range, shouldn’t be to blame but that negative energy should be directed at the company itself, as in all likelihood Lizzo was only brought in at a late stage. Rachel uses her platform to advocate for inclusion and is somewhat iconic for “super-sized BBWs” as a result of posts like this.

rachel’s outfit inspo 👗

Rachel doesn’t seem to credit the brands in her outfit posts all that often (from what I can tell anyhow) but she has a very distinct, retro style that absolutely still needs to be celebrated!

Credit: fatpositivefairy

I love the detail on the horizontal stripes on the sweater. I grew up with my mom, and many other women in my life, telling me horizontal stripes made you look wide. So freaking what? The mom jeans and book bag complete the cute “shopping for books” spring vibe.

Credit: fatpositivefairy

Okay, she is a stunner! This dress is Torrid (old) and gives off Mediterranean vibes. My favorite thing about this is the high beige belt: Rachel is truly a fearless woman when it comes to styling her fits and the belt accentuates her boobs and tummy while still letting the dress flow naturally. The beige headband finishes this off. 

Rachel is quoted here as saying she thinks she should be Disney’s first fat princess, a subject that I’m actually going to blog about soon, and if I were to choose one Rachel’s body type would be one of the top ones on my list. So often the representation of “plus size” women in the mainstream are models with wide hips and flat stomachs. Nuh-uh. Show us that VBO. Embrace the belly!

rachel’s measurements

Corgifairy is 5 feet 8 inches tall. The specifics of her weight are not publicized.

where to find her

Fat Positive Fairy on Instagram

Fat Positive Fairy on Tiktok

It’s not just ok to be bigger than your partner, it’s beautiful. My partner isn’t just with me for who I am, they love my body. They love my softness, my warmth. They love my belly, my arms, my chins. Being a woman does not make you small. Being fat does not make you unworthy.