Okay, so while my site is generally geared around fashion and lifestyle for tall BBWs, there are so so many awesome people doing great work around changing perceptions of body image and general body empowerment.

This page serves as a list of my own personal recommendations of either tall or fat women to follow in this space. Their posts and words have all resonated with me at some point in time and they are all amazing women! I’ll be updating this list regularly.

aubrey hoffer

This woman is the voice I needed growing up. She’s literally pursuing a doctorate in body image studies. She hosts the podcast “Beauty Isn’t Standard” and her posts are so powerful. She will go into detail about why perceptions of plus size bodies are mostly, flawed, as well as providing guidance to personally help the way you see yourself.

She can be really inspiring to listen to when you’ve maybe had a bad day with regards to your body and is a major badass.

the real tall

Okay, The Real Tall is two women are from Wisconsin and they’re stunners, so I gotta give them some Midwest love and maybe some actual love too. Jennilee and Kaitlin are cousins who happen to be 6’4” and 5’11” respectively (girls got some genes!) They post outfit and lifestyle inspiration for tall women and a lot of their suggested brands also stock plus sizes. I’ve listened to interviews with them where they also talk about the struggles of being tall, particularly related to men and dating. They’ve previously shared some of their responses to creeps on social media and they are just hilarious. Like seriously though, why do guys always ask about our feet and hands?! They are kick ass.


charlotte, nc plus-sized community

Run by Miriam and Rebecca, they host events for plus-sized women in North Carolina which look damn fun, I’m just sorry I live so far from them!