Abbey Roedel is a plus-size model who posts outfit inspiration and workout videos on her Instagram.

why she’s revered ✨

  • Promotes body positivity in a wholly authentic manner
  • Provides plus-size outfit inspiration particularly for those with tall frames and wider shoulders
  • She’s a stunner!

Another wonder from the Midwest (yes, I promise I do post about women from all over the world) Abbey is from Nebraska and is a really popular plus-size model who posts mostly to Insta. She has over 100,000 followers at the time of writing.

The wonderful thing about the plus-size movement is that every body is accounted for in some way or another. Abbey is tall at 6 foot, and she’s an athlete too so her upper body is actually a little bigger than her hips, proportionately speaking. When I was younger, we had very few references for what plus-size bodies could look like. Tall? Short? Big knees? Wide shoulders? Were any of these things acceptable of beauty? Even now, mainstream plus-size models generally conform to a type, that is to say: wider hips, thin waist, big boobs, not a big tummy.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that look at all, but it’s important to have perspective on what other plus-size women look like or women will be left feeling disaffected and underrepresented. You can easily argue that almost all plus-sizers were hopelessly underrepresented until recently.

So, now that my semi-rant is over, let’s focus on a woman who exemplifies what being yourself is. Abbey Roedel is a stunner! She models for local brands and seems to be growing her following at a pace. I’ll go over some of her outfit inspo that stands out to me shortly, but she classes herself as an athlete too and her workout videos are awesome, she is strong physically as well as mentally girls! 

abbey’s outfit inspo 👗

This is a SHEIN curve bikini haul and gosh does Abbey pull all of these off! The one-piece is really bringing out her figure, but all the others are beautifully high-waisted two-piece fits. I love seeing women embrace the two-piece, and the blue in particular is striking. SHEIN always have some cool stuff.

Credit: @abbeyroedel

Okay let’s just appreciate her long legs pulling off the jean shorts look 💯 here. Mainstream plus-size models don’t do the best job at showing everyday outfits which is why I love posts like this. The spaghetti tanks accentuate her chest then flow around her waist and tummy; she wears them tucked into her jean shorts or loose. What’s cool is that these pieces are all from the Jean Marie Boutique, a local store that stocks plus sizes in Nebraska.

yes, target is a nightmare for us

I love positivity when it comes to outfits but it’s also important to call out brands that don’t do enough for plus size women.

In this post, Abbey and her friend, another model who I def need to check out after this, put together some swimsuits from Target but apparently had a lot of trouble with these. The actual swimsuits looked great, I would say the floral double flounce front looked amazing in particular, but Abbey wasn’t afraid to share her feelings on a few of these that didn’t quite feel right on her body type. 

When it came to #5, she said it wasn’t really for her body type but it seems to suit her friend. Super important to be honest and open and Abbey does this in abundance.

We did want to note that finding plus size options in store was HARD AF! Do better Target!


notable facts about abbey

  • Abbey is 6 feet tall and her dress size is 18
  • She weighs 260lbs
  • She provides a total spectrum of outfit ideas for plus-size women, ranging from office fits to two-piece bikinis.
  • She does her thing as a plus-size girl while staying really fit. Like, some of her workout videos leave me in awe of how easily she does it!
  • Her brother is an actual wrestler, and her brothers are also super tall. That’s one athletic family, damn!

where to find her