I seriously love that women with wide feet are being catered to by numerous brands when it comes to sandals these days, and these platform sandal picks are the absolute cutest options out there that are also guaranteed to fit wide feet.

At Tall Plus Life, all our authors are all tall, plus size women, so it’s not really surprising we’ve got good game when it comes to reviewing the best wide width sandals. For this roundup, I’ve taken into account our own recommendations as well as highly-rated women’s wide platform sandals, from big brands to boutique brands. 

best wide width platform sandals

luoika ankle strap wedge sandal

Wide sizes up to: 13 x-wide
Price: $57.99
Shop it: Here

luoika wedge sandal

If there’s a brand that dominates the wide width sandal market, it’s probably Luoika. They specialize in sandals for wide feet and their platform option is no exception. These are highly, highly rated (4.8 stars on Amazon.)

The secure strapping and range of colors (black, green, beige) makes these as versatile a sandal as there is. You can pair them with jeans, shorts, or dresses, and not have to worry about walking around for long periods of time and your feet swelling up.

I have WIDE feet. I have a really hard time buying strappy sandals in ANY store. These fit PERFECTLY! and are super cute. Would definitely recommend for my fellow wide feet peeps!


cushionaire pippin thong platform sandal

Wide sizes up to: 11
Price: $34.99
Shop it: Here

cushionaire wide width platform sandal

Cushionaire produce affordable footwear in wide sizes, so even though it’s not technically a “wide”, this platform sandal should fit most wide feet. I’ve worn some of their boots before and can attest they do accommodate wider sizes naturally.

This is a great bikini/beach option. The sandal has a vegan leather upper and memory foam insole, which, according to reviews, does have a break-in period but is super comfy once it’s molded to your feet. 

torrid lug outsole sandal

Wide sizes up to: 11
Price: $38.95 (sale)
Shop it: Here

Torrid’s 2.5” heeled sandals come in their patented extra wide width, and it’s Torrid, so, you know, fit is not going to be an issue here. The faded olive color gives these a distinct chill vibe and I can see them working really well for a practical day of walking or going out with a summer dress to match.

Some reviewers say these run a little too wide. Always check reviews when it comes to Torrid; the good thing is these are highly rated with an average of 4.2 stars.

Bought to wear on a cruise. Ended up sizing down due to them being Extra Wide Width. I could get my fingers under the strap at the toe in the 9 so 8.5 was perfect! They were so comfy and stable! I even wore them to walk 3 miles in one day! My feet didn’t hurt and no blisters!


boohoo wide width crossover buckle wedge

Wide sizes up to: 10
Price: $23.00 (sale)
Shop it: Here

I rate Boohoo very highly when it comes to wide widths, and these are pretty much the most comfortable heel out there. Seriously, you won’t feel like you’re walking around in 2 inch heels! 

The adjustable strap is important for helping my feet fit properly, and this is a genuinely snappy shoe for my wardrobe with the black buckle adding a contrast to the beige wedge. Ideal for a lunch out with a maxi dress vibe.

boohoo wide fit strappy low wedge

Wide sizes up to: 10
Price: $30.00 (sale)
Shop it: Here

Though I haven’t personally worn these, and I might stay away from them due to the amount of straps you can’t adjust, as I mentioned I feel pretty comfortable recommending Boohoo wide widths in terms of fit. These would actually be a sleeker fit than the ones mentioned above.

other wide width platform sandal options

I’m not familiar with these brands but thought I’d include them as there are some styles here that fall a little outside the box, which is great if that’s what you’re after!

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the top options in terms of fit: I haven’t heard of any plus size women I know struggling with these brands. It’s more a preference of style, and I hope the list has provided you with the diversity you were looking for when it comes to wide width platforms!