Looking to level up your boot game? Here’s a variety of different styles of mid calf boots that are guaranteed to fit wider feet, and, for the most part, wide calves too.

From booties to cowgirl boots, here are the best wide mid calf boots going right now.

best wide width mid calf boots

luoika wide width zipper booties

Wide sizes up to: 13
Verified wide calf friendly
Price: $72.99
Shop it: Here

luoika mid calf booties

Luoika should always be a consideration if you’re looking for wide width footwear. These particular booties have soles that are 12% wider than a “regular” sole, and with a wide toe and wide ankle functionality, there’s going to be no fit issues here for those of us with wide feet at all.

The suede design is more on the casual end as you’d expect with booties, with a single buckle and handy side zipper, but would look fab over leggings in cooler weather or with a daytime dress.

lane bryant dream cloud mid-calf moto boot

Wide sizes up to: 13
Price: $65.97
Shop it: Here

A simply designed mid-calf boot with adequate room in the sole and boot opening, this has two intricate buckles and a side zipper.

These may not be completely wide calf friendly, according to one review, but I generally trust Lane Bryant to deliver for plus size girlies, and in sizes up to a 13 wide this is certainly deserving of a mention as an affordable and stylish wide width mid calf boot.

comfortview wide width “the madi” boot

Wide sizes up to: 12
Verified wide calf friendly
Price: $61.17
Shop it: Here

comfortview big mid calf boot

A 1.5 inch heel with three straps and two statement metal buckles, The Madi is definitely a great dress up option if you’re looking for a boot to pair with dresses or skirts. The all-navy option adds a nice dimension, too.

The material is faux suede, hence the lesser price tag on these. It’s also worth pointing out the reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this, but some reviewers do mention this brand may have started getting “smaller” in recent years. We featured some Comfortviews on our roundup of the best wide calf boots, and nobody I know has had any issues with the brand to date!

ariat fatbaby western boot

Wide sizes up to: 10
Verified wide calf friendly
Price: $99.95
Shop it: Here

ariat fatbaby wide mid calf boot

I love the fatbaby because it’s ideal for both wide feet and wide calves. Ariat make beautifully embroidered true leather cowgirl boots and with the fatbaby you get a range of options from cream/brown to turquoise/brown and a ton of other color variants.

This baby also made it onto our list of the best wide calf cowgirl boots – be sure to check that roundup out for full length boots that will fit wide calves!

beautiful mid calf boot from ariat

how to measure your calf for mid calf boots

Genuine mid calf boots in a wide sole are great for those of with larger calves, as you don’t necessarily need to worry about them being too tight around the largest part of your calf, simply as they don’t run that high up the leg. 

Wrap a tape measure loosely around the area below your calf muscle/widest part of your calf. This will be the “circumference” for mid calf boots. Note that some retailers don’t list a circumference or boot opening width, but most of the ones on this list do provide that information. 

If you’re under 5’4”, it’s recommended to add 1.5-2 inches to your calf size measurement.

Cowgirl boots, or boots made from leather, will generally have more give than riding boots or suede/faux boots, so when choosing a size you can allow for an inch or so of “give.”

For more info on calf sizings, check out our guide on what’s considered a wide calf. All of us at Tall Plus Life boast big legs, so you can be sure we cover how to shop for boots and footwear in general as well as anyone can!