You don’t need me to tell you that finding  jeans to fit long legs can be a nightmare! But if you’re looking for jeans to fit your 36 inch inseam, you can be sure these retailers have got you, with so many styles available from high/mid rise, skinny, bootcut, and more.

It’s not only great to see so many options for jeans that fit long legs, but also how highly regarded so many of these brands are by the tall girl crew! I *only* have a 33 inch inseam but you can be sure I’ve sourced these finds based on online reviews for those of you lucky enough to boast longer legs!

All jeans featured are guaranteed to fit 36 inch inseams.

The long and the tall of this article:

best rated 36 inch inseam jeans

good american good legs mid-rise jean

Sizes up to: 24
Inseam: 36” (long)
Price: $129
Shop at Good American

Good American aren’t a specific tall girl brand, but they should be on your radar because they offer their original “good legs” jeans in an awesome 36 inch inseam.

These have a mid-rise waistline and are designed to accentuate your curves with impressive stretch and shape retention. They have 81% five star reviews out of hundreds of reviews, but it’s reviews from tall women that just make these sound like a staple!

Amazingly comfortable fit. I’m 6’4” and a 40/33/46 and finding clothes is a nightmare. I love the idea that these jeans could flow with my body and I gain or lose a lb here and there (I’m near 200lb). Really loving that they stay on my waist always. Love love love them!

Good american reviewer

buckle flying monkey high rise boot stretch jean

Sizes up to: 18
Inseam: 36” (extra long)
Price: $69.99
Shop at Buckle

These bootcut long leg jeans from Buckle have 4.7 stars out of 5 from about 40 reviews. They actually run up to a 38” inseam in the “extra extra long” size, so whatever inseam you choose you can be pretty much guaranteed they’re going to fall over your boots.

These jeans are high rise and slim through the hips and thigh. Again, I love the overwhelmingly positive reviews they have from tall women!

best jeans for plus size women with a 36 inch inseam

You know I wasn’t going to round up the best 36 inch inseam jeans out there without a dedicated section for the tall plus size girls. After all, that’s why I started this site!

My post on plus size tall jeans rounds up my favorite options for a variety of inseams, but here are the best picks for 36 inch inseams.

my choice // torrid luxe slim boot jean

Sizes up to: 30
Inseam: 36.5” (extra tall)
Price: $69.90
Shop at Torrid

While there are brands that offer long length jeans in plus sizes, you can trust that manufacturers like Torrid actually tailor their jeans to suit plus size bodies. Torrid are notorious for making their pants generous round the waist, and as someone with a booty and belly I can attest that their jeans are super stretchy and comfortable when I’m in motion!

These bootcut jeans are currently on sale and have a 4.3 star rating from over 1300 reviews.

good american good legs mid-rise jean

Sizes up to: 24
Inseam: 36” (long)
Price: $129
Shop at Good American

I’m including these again, as not only are they the top rated jeans with a 36 inch inseam out there, they also size up to a 24 which is great for us tall plus size women!

simply tall high rise skinny shaper jean

Sizes up to: 22
Inseam: 36”
Price: $99
Shop at: Simply Tall

36 inch inseam jeans

It’s always great to see a tall clothing brand offering jeans in plus sizes. While they may not be tapered to suit a super plus size body, these really hug your figure beautifully and you can be confident that they’ll be figure-friendly up to a size 20/22.

The search for plus size skinny jeans with a 36 inch inseam has notoriously been tricky, but it’s great to see several viable styles for longer legs in plus sizes.

36” inseam skinny jeans

On the subject of skinny jeans, these are our picks for the best rated tall women’s skinny jeans with a 36 inch inseam.

alloy sierra lightweight skinny jeans

Inseam: 35 or 37 inches
Price: $74
Shop at Alloy

alloy jeans in 35 or 37 inch inseams

A tall girl staple, Alloy always deliver when it comes to creating comfortable and stylish jeans to suit longer legs. These are available in a 35 or 37 inch inseam, so it depends how you want to style them for a 36” inseam: either let them fall a little high on the ankle or roll them up.

highley tall skinny mid rise mavi jeans (europe)

Inseam: 36 or 38 inches
Price: $79.95
Shop at Highley Tall

I’ve heard of Highley Tall before due to their reputation of being a super inclusive brand for tall women, and thought I’d add their simply designed skinny jeans to the list for any women in Europe or the UK.

I’m not a huge fan of the large “mavi” stitching on the back right waist hem, but they proudly declare these are “designed for tall girls” and being made with 50% organic cotton they appear built to last.

36” inseam bootcut jeans

highly rated // silver jeans co. mid rise curvy fit

Inseam: 35 or 37 inches
Price: $37.66-$73.95
Shop Silver Jeans on Amazon

mid rise long length jeans

Silver Jeans just work for tall girls. They have a number of different fits in various inseams but for 36 inch inseams their bootcut jeans are guaranteed to fit right down to the boot.

What’s great about these is that they’re soft but figure-fitting and stretchy when they need to be. They’re designed for those with smaller waists and fuller hips, but reading the reviews they work on a variety of taller bodies.

I’m 5’11” and typically wear size 8 (US sizing). These fit perfectly and feel great around the waist when crouching or sitting. (This is a big one for me–if the waist isnt comfy I won’t end up wearing them). Am very happy to have jeans that truly are boot length.


tall moi bootcut jeans

Inseam: 35, 36 or 37 inches
Price: $91.99
Shop at Tall Moi

“Style meets height” is the Tall Moi motto, and even those these jeans only have a few reviews I love brands tailoring jean fits to tall women! The sky blue denim look would pair beautifully with a pair of wide calf boots.

flying monkey high rise boot stretch jean

Inseam: 36” (extra long)
Price: $69.99
Shop at Buckle

As mentioned before, these beauties from Buckle are some of the most highly rated 36” inseam jeans, period!

There you have it! Our suggestions for the mostly highly rated jeans available in 36 inch inseams. We aim to produce in-depth guides for a variety of taller inseams: inclusivity is what we aim for!