Winter is coming, but as a tall plus it’s hardly time to go into your shell. Many well-known brands do great work to offer a range of plus size, tall coats. Coats are actually one of the things I rarely struggle to find, and here I’ll show you exactly where I look to find the fit.

Note that we only include long length coats available in plus sizes here.

The long and the tall of this post (click to navigate):

First, we’ll go through a few lighter coats for pumpkin spice season.

a conversation piece red custom wrap coat dress (etsy)

Sizes up to: 30
Length up to: Custom
Shop it: Here

tall plus size coat for fall

The beauty of Etsy is that you can send sellers your measurements and they’ll custom-make garments to your size. This coat dress designed to fall midway down the thighs and you can size up all the way to a 4X (30.) It’s a standout boutique option. The red is absolutely dashing and the long belt adds some serious sass. I love the pairing this some black knee-high wide calf boots as per the product images.

S Benson is a black boutique designer who I’ve only recently come across, but her mantra of making clothes to fit everyone really struck a chord with me. Her designs reflect this: there’s an adjustable cuff sleeve on this which you can loosen if you have bigger arms. Awesome!

shein single button colorblock overcoat

Sizes up to: 20
Length up to: 45”
Shop it: Here

A simple yet elegant overcoat option from Shein. The length would be suitable for anyone up to around 5’10” to wear below the knees, though if you’re taller this would still look good falling to your lower thigh.

The block colors allow you to pair this with light denim or black jeans, add a comfy sweater underneath to truly embrace the fall/early winter vibe.

shein plaid double breasted overcoat

Sizes up to: 20
Length up to: 39”
Shop it: Here

Shein really embrace the fall look in their photoshoot for this one: the model is literally holding a cup of coffee (prob pumpkin spice) but with good reason, as this is essentially the perfect fall jacket. It’s thin, lightweight, and has the perfect plaid design to add a little loudness to your walks on fall afternoons. 

Though it’s not as long as the previous option and will likely fall to the top end of the thighs on a tall woman, one reviewer who is 6 foot 1 pulls it off really well in this way. Overall, the jacket has glowing reviews, almost a perfect 5 stars. 

Looking for parkas and puffers? There are some standout options below.

my choice // roaman’s maxi-length puffer jacket

Sizes up to: 26/28
Length up to: 50”
Shop it: Here

roaman's long plus size coat

In case you hadn’t heard, puffers are in style guys! I’ve had this baby for a while and love, love love that 50 inch length.

True length meets sleek style with Roaman’s maxi-style puffer jacket, definitively the longest plus size coat I know of, and it comfortably falls on my knees with my long legs. This would mostly likely go just below your knees if you’re 5’7-5’10, and if you’re any taller I’d expect it to fall on or just above your knees.

Some reviewers here were not too happy with the faux-fur hood lining but this is more of a budget option so don’t expect ultra high quality. It’s held up fine for me!

my choice // eddie bauer altamira down parka

Sizes up to: 3X
Length up to: Around 35+ inches
Shop it: Here

I am in love with this Eddie Bauer jacket. Everything from the outer squares, to the Eddie Bauer logo on the bottom sleeve, to the warmth, makes this one of the best parkas I’ve had, hands down. 

I take the 2X in the “plus” size and it’s long enough to come halfway down my thighs at 5 ’10”. They also have specifically tall sizes which would benefit anyone 6 foot and above, though these only run to a 20-22. You can survive a Midwest winter comfortably in this and insulated black leggings 😄

woman within hooded puffer coat

Sizes up to: 38/40
Length up to: 38”
Shop it: Here

woman within hooded puffer coat

Woman Within deliver a truly inclusive puffer coat that’s guaranteed to cover tall torsos and long thighs at an affordable price. I like the loud cherry red option in the image but it’s also available in black. Reviewers say order a size up.

my choice // columbia pike lake long jacket

Sizes up to: 3X
Length up to: 46”
Shop it: Here

I’m absolutely going to celebrate Columbia offering a quality parka that’s both tall and plus sized because the fit is amazing. I’m 5’10” and got the 2X which was a snug fit. The coat falls just below my knees, so if you’re taller I’d expect this to be knee-height.

The adjustable drawcord allows you to take this into your waist and get that “hug” to your figure that other parkas don’t offer. Likewise, the snaps on the side of the coat offer flexibility.

athleta whisper featherless parka

Sizes up to: 3X
Length up to: 36”
Shop it: Here

Travel to work warm and in style with this featherless parka offering from Athleta. This is available in black too but I’m in love with the rustic beige color. The “featherless” feel makes this jacket feel super lightweight while maintaining the warmth you want from a parka. You’re also able to layer well underneath this because it won’t feel too chunky. Many tall women have reviewed this one positively too, commenting on the impressive length. 

For the price tag it may not be the most stylish option but as a “work/travel coat” this totally has its place.

columbia suttle long insulated jacket

Sizes up to: 3X
Length up to: ?
Shop it: Here

columbia long plus size jacket

No info on the length but thanks to some detailed reviews I can say with confidence this is one of the ideal tall plus size coats for long curvy bodies. I particularly love seeing a review from a 6 foot woman titled “if you have long arms, this is a good coat to buy.” A lot of shorter reviewers actually say the arms are too long, which for me is never a bad thing! No inside pockets on this is the only drawback but it’s absolutely a parka to last.

could do better // arc’teryx thorium insulated hoodie

Sizes up to: XL
Length up to: 36” sleeves
Shop it: Here

This is an awesome jacket on paper, I’d just love to see them offering sizes more than XL. We like to ski and go hiking in winter, too! Anyways, if you can fit into this size-wise there are multiple reviewers around 5’10/5’11” who say the length on their body is good, and it looks super warm with the hood and neck wrap-up options. The pastel color options provide great variety to pair with a number of different outdoors-y outfits.