I was happy to be asked to write about summer dresses because well, I have a lot of them! I used to wear them mostly because they were long and great at “covering” bits of me I didn’t want to show, and don’t get me wrong they do that well, but now I genuinely look for summer dresses that “show off” my curves with comfort. 

The summer dress should be a staple of your wardrobe from May-September. Paired with booties or Birkenstocks, it offers style and variety to a tall, curvier body. Below you’ll find the top-reviewed dresses and personal recommendations for tall, curvy women.

shein floral print lace trim cami dress

Sizes up to: 20
Length up to: 59”
Shop it: Here

If you’re like me and enjoy keeping a wardrobe stocked with summer dresses, this budget option from SHEIN should be a no-brainer. It has excellent hang and flow off the midriff while still being supportive around the chest. The floral pattern is simple and the lace stitching around the V is a nice finish. 

This dress has 4.77 stars out of hundreds of reviews, fits true to size and over-delivers for the typically low price point.

shein floral crop bardot top with skirt

Sizes up to: 20
Length up to: 60”
Shop it: Here

Mixing it up with this two-piece option from SHEIN. However you feel about SHEIN, they make dresses (up to only a size 20, it must be noted) that plus women love. This is another one that had such a high rating of 4.77 out of, again, hundreds of reviews, and it’s worn beautifully by the tall Shannon Marie as you can see in her post. The crop is perfect for covering your arms if you don’t want them showing, while also covering your chest to avoid lots of stares. 

torrid smocked tiered midi dress

Sizes up to: 30
Length up to: 48”
Shop it: Here

It’s a shorter option, but I’ve worn this style from Torrid in a different pattern many times over the past few summers. The dress will go just short of halfway down my calves and they’re of good quality. The darker floral pattern is perfect for the summer/fall season switch.

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