I’ve been rocking the maxi dresses as a tall plus for the best part of a decade, and thankfully now, I’m pleased to say we have more choice than ever!

All dresses here and height, and size, inclusive, and range from 51 inch lengths to 61 inch lengths. This collection of tall plus size maxi dresses is a combination of boutique and well-known brands, and takes into account reviews as well as my own personal experience to give a balanced account.

The long and the tall of this post (click to navigate):

maxi dress size guide

height classminimum advised length (to ankle)
5’7″-5’9″ (moderately tall)51″
5’10”-6′ (tall)54″
6’1″+ (very tall)57″+

To help frame the sizings for each dress, I’ve put together a basic chart for tall, plus size women that takes into account things like bigger boobs, belly, and hips when looking for the minimum length you’d want on your maxi dress. For reference, I’m 6 feet tall, size 20 with a 33 inch inseam and I look for a minimum length of 56 inches to get the proper “flow” and drape to your ankle that you want in a maxi dress. Of course, it’s up to you if you want it mid-calf or ankle length.

If you’re an infinifat, you may want to add a few inches. Likewise, if you’re more on the slender side of plus size, you could get away with going slightly shorter. Based on other tall plus women I’ve spoken to, and my own experiences, this is a rough guide regarding what lengths to look for.

51-56 inch length plus size maxi dresses

maurice’s floral off the shoulder maxi dress

Sizes up to: 2X
Length: 51”
Shop it: Here

I was drawn to the pop of this dress when I saw it styled excellently by Brittany Price. She’s 5’8” and you can clearly see how long the dress is on her; not quite ankle length, but this would work for anyone that height or a little taller as a mid-calf maxi.

The teal with the floral patterns makes this perfect for a day in the office or date night. I particularly love an off the shoulder maxi because it covers your upper arms and does wonders for your confidence if you don’t feel like bearing your arms to the world.

rosegal bell sleeve high-low maxi dress 

Sizes up to: 5X
Lengths up to: 53.5”
Shop it: Here

This has some of the best reviews I came across when scouting for plus size tall maxi dresses. Though it doesn’t come in a tall size per se, the model is 5’8” with heels and you can see the visible flow in the length of the dress. Reviews say it’s low cut.

shechoic split joint v neck a line dress

Sizes up to: 2X
Lengths up to: 53.5
Shop it: Here

This tropical-patterned maxi should keep you cool and covers the upper arms nicely. There are a lack of reviews and information on this but given the impressive length, I thought it was worth including. We can overlook their definition of a “plus size tall maxi dress” is up to a size 2X 😜

iymoo vintage evening maxi

Sizes up to: 2X
Lengths up to: 55”
Shop it: Here

This is a versatile maxi with loud, multicolor patterns that can cater to relaxed summer picnics or dinner parties. IyMoo create dresses with curvy women in mind, and as a result their sizings stop at 2X, but this is their longest option and stands to fit tall curvy bodies up to at least 6 feet.

This is definitely for the Tall Girl Crew – length wise – there’s no shortage of fabric.


cider velvet cowl neck mermaid maxi

Sizes up to: 4X
Lengths up to: 54”
Shop it: Here

So, I must admit I came across somebody I follow in the tall plus community rocking one of these dresses a while back but I can’t, for the life of me, remember who it was. Just trust me on this, it’s a genuinely long length maxi made for plus women who want to slay at a gala/evening function.

I like the contrast between the duller blue velvet and the glitter on this especially. Bear in mind some reviewers noted the glitter doesn’t stick perfectly to the dress.

57-61 inch length plus size maxi dresses

auselily short sleeve long maxi dress

Sizes up to: 3X
Lengths up to: 58”
Shop it: Here

Auselily make this dress in sizes from small all the way to 3X and deserve a ton of credit for the variety of body types this dress can fit. There are a range of colors to choose from, I personally like block colors when it comes to maxis, but mixing patterns can be good for hiding my belly. While it’s probably not the best quality starting at $22, the reviewers on Amazon absolutely LOVE this as a casual maxi dress. 

What’s more, tall plus women are well represented in the reviews. Very tall women say the length is adequate, and the dress almost touches their feet. For the price point, you can’t go wrong here.

torrid ombre tiered maxi dress

Sizes up to: 6X
Lengths up to: 56”+
Shop it: Here

Those of you who know me will know that I trust in Torrid, and not only do I trust their fit, but this ombre maxi is one of the most elegant dresses on this list.

The 56 inch length is based off a size 2X, so it stands to reason the higher up you go size-wise, the more length you’ll be given too. The tassels off the neckline flow into the ruffles and give a wonderful texture to the layers. 

I always try to give some air time to as many awesome brands as possible, and I know some women with smaller chests aren’t the biggest fans of Torrid’s shaping, I get it, but as a tall plus they consistently deliver for me when it comes to maxi dresses. I’m 6 foot and a size 18/20, and never have a problem with their lengths.

bohemian traders boho style ruffle neck tiered maxi (australia)

Sizes up to: 32 (Australian) // 28 (USA)
Lengths up to: 56”
Shop it: Here

It’s perhaps unsurprising that the Aussies are renowned for creating great sunny-weather maxi dresses, and Bohemian Traders are no exception. Good lengths and their plus sizing makes these dresses sought after, and many of their other maxis are already sold out. To see how these wonderful garments flow off a genuine tall plus, check out Mikayla Wain (she’s a stan for Bohemian Traders.) These do ship worldwide.

The following three options are extra long plus size maxi dresses that should easily fit women 6 foot 1 and above.

myuniverse full length floor dress

Sizes up to: 5X
Lengths up to: 61”
Shop it: Here

Etsy can be a really useful option for finding specially tailored clothing like extra long plus size maxi dresses, but this is straight out of the box and for a modest $63 will absolutely have the length and glam for tall to very tall women. Style it with gold earrings and jewelry for a wedding reception or cocktail party.

glitzy girlz boutique formal navy maxi dress

Sizes up to: 4X
Lengths up to: 61”
Shop it: Here

Perfect for a wedding, baby shower, or any special event, Glitzy Girlz Boutique offer this maxi all the way up to 4X and it’s seriously LONG too. Paired with a simple pair of wedges or heels, this is a timeless statement piece that’s going to be a great fit for plus size bodies up to and over 6 feet 1.

shein floral criss-cross backless cami dress

Sizes up to: 20
Lengths up to: 61”
Shop it: Here

This is a loud dress from SHEIN and I’m all about it. The floral pattern is eye-catching and the criss-cross tie to do it up at the back is an elegant variant on the traditional maxi dress, so long as you have someone to help you do it up!

Importantly, it’s got overwhelmingly positive reviews from tall women. One reviewer who was 6 foot even said she had a few inches to play with to account for heels if she wanted to. Check!

ashley stewart tiered gauze maxi dress

Sizes up to: 34/36
Lengths up to: ?
Shop it: Here

Sale alert! This is down to just $20 from $70. The dress only has a handful of reviews but one thing really stood out to me: that color. It’s a vibrant green that can be flaunted for dinner parties or date nights. Unfortunately there’s no information on the length, but the model is 5’9” and one of the reviewers who was shorter said it was way too long on them, so as it’s on sale I think it’s a safe bet for a tall to very tall body type.

other long plus size maxi dress options

the surprise package: abercrombie plunge halter maxi dress

Sizes up to: 24
Lengths up to: ?
Shop it: Here

Wow, I wasn’t expecting Abercrombie to deliver for us tall fat girls, as I’ve never even considered them for clothing before, but they offer this plunging maxi all the way up to size 24 and say their “tall” sizing is suitable for women 5’8” or above.

Honestly, it’s a beautiful dress. The thigh-high slit is raunchy without being tacky and I like the fact you can adjust the back tie to really give your boobs some support. I would probably want to see how it looks on a plus model when I select the larger dress sizes, so I’d definitely size up as I’m slightly skeptical of Abercrombie. To that note, the reviews include a 5’10”, 190lb woman who says the fit is good on her, if a little tight.

t-shirt maxi option: jessica london

Sizes up to: 36
Lengths up to: 55”
Shop it: Here

This is just ideal for a day in the office paired with sneakers or flats. The tropical teal color caught my eye, and it’s available in a variety of bold, block colors. The length is *only* 55 inches, however a reviewer who’s 5’8” says the length is good on her. I’d place this in the “slightly tall to tall” range as an alternative to the traditional maxi.

That’s the 2023 edition of the best plus size maxi dresses for tall ladies. I loved putting this together! If you have any other suggestions to help us all out, lmk in the comments!