Next in my series of dresses we’ll look at some brands creating standout options when it comes to plus size formal dresses for tall women. I’ve gone with mostly boutique brands here because when it comes to evening dresses, quality is everything and you deserve a high-quality dress that will fit.

I’ve put together a basic chart for tall, plus size women to help them choose a maxi dress that takes into account things like bigger boobs, belly, and hips when looking for the minimum length you’d want, but the same measurements can apply as a rough guide to a long formal dress. For reference, I’m 6 feet tall, size 18/20 with a 34 inch inseam and I look for a minimum length of 53 inches to get the proper “flow” and drape to your ankle that you want in a maxi dress.

If you’re an infinifat, you may want to add a few inches. Likewise, if you’re more on the slender side of plus size, you could get away with going slightly shorter. Based on other tall plus women I’ve spoken to, and my own experiences, this is a rough guide regarding what lengths to look for:

height classminimum advised length
5’7″-5’9″ (moderately tall)50″
5’10”-6′ (tall)53″
6’1″+ (very tall)56″

This collection of tall plus size evening dresses is a combination of boutique and well-known brands, and takes into account reviews as well as my own personal experience to give a balanced account.

simply dresses la femme formal mermaid dress

Sizes up to: 22
Length: 60”
Shop it: Here

long plus size evening dress

I’m getting major Disney Princess vibes from this elegant long dress and if you’re like me that’s only a good thing. A dress that will truly fit any tall girl up to a size 22, the contrasting shades of blue on the lace patterns are super glam while the hang of the dress simply states: elegance.

One of my pet peeves about finding dresses is getting them to cover/conceal my bra straps. I particularly love the bra-friendly shoulder straps on this dress in this regard. And A+ for the naming of this one!

Simply Dresses have a number of cute, genuinely tall, plus size formal dresses to choose from here.

sanctuarie velvet starlet robe

Sizes up to: 9X
Length: 54”
Fits hips up to: 98 inches
Fits chests up to: 84 inches
Price: $154.99
Shop Sanctuarie on Amazon

I recently stumbled upon this slightly retro robe and thought it stood out as a different option. The length is 54 inches on a size medium, which means the plus sizes will have longer lengths as you go up in sizes, and speaking of which, they go up to an incredible 9X in sizing which makes this one of the more inclusive dresses I’ve seen yet, period.

city chic leopard maxi dress

Sizes up to: 24
Length: 58″
Shop it: Sold out as of Jan ’23 (will update if this comes back)

As far as evening dresses go, this is a relatively mid-priced option for a more casual dress that is going to feel comfy due to the elasticated cuffs and waistband. I thought the impressive length made it worth including.

The model here is 5’9″ and this dress goes comfortably to her ankle in a size 14/16. I think anyone up to 6 feet tall would find this to be a true maxi fit.

Below, I’ve included a few options that will fit a little shorter than they should, just because they are still dazzling and available in extended sizes.

grace karin sequin glitter v-neck lace dress

Sizes up to: 2X
Length: 43”
Fits waists up to: 41 inches
Fits bust up to: 49 inches
Shop it: Here

sequin evening dress long length

Add some glam to your wedding or formal dress without breaking the bank. There are tons of reviews and photos of this one on the product page. The sequins add just the right amount of glam without being tacky.

This would be suitable for anyone up to 5’10”ish depending on your size, but if you’re taller it will fall well above your knee.