As much as I don’t like “hiding” aspects of my body, as someone with a noticeable tummy, I get it, you don’t want even one person staring at your bulge when you’re on the beach.

Here, I go through the methods of hiding your belly, different styles of swimsuit you can incorporate to do so, then list my top picks in terms of actual swimsuits that do this. Enjoy!

Outline of this post:

  • Styles of swimsuits to hide your belly
  • The best swimsuits for hiding your belly (product recommendations)

styles of swimsuits to hide your belly

tummy control

Like all good shapewear, most plus size swimsuits will now come with built in tummy control to sculpt your curves. 

This lightly compresses your tummy area while ensuring there’s no wobbling around when you’re on the move. Basically, if you don’t see a product advertised with “tummy control”, move on!

skirted swimsuits

Skirted swimsuits allow your tummy more breathing room without clinging to it. The ruching details found on most skirted swimsuits are a wonderful way to draw attention away from your middle.

Cupshe are a brand who I’ll touch on in the next section that do a great job with skirted swimsuits.

color blocking

Any kind of pattern such as a floral print will do a great job of taking the attention away from your belly, but color blocking is really in right now.

For the slimming look, a black or dark green swimsuit is appropriate, but some brands have taken color blocking to new levels with inventive “stripes” and colors to really break up your body shape and conceal the tummy area.

Just take a look at Hunter McGrady modeling the Summersalt here. The block colors in this are particularly striking. This is one standout piece I covered in my list of tall plus size swimsuits, and one I’m going to be touching on in more detail in the next section, too.


Most plus size tankinis will come with tummy control and, similarly to skirted swimsuits, they cover your middle while allowing you that breathing room to be comfortable.

I rounded up the best long plus size tankinis specifically for long torsos, and it was awesome to see so many practical and beautiful options for us plus size girlies.

long plus size tankini

best swimsuits that hide belly fat

For my full list of swimsuits for long torsos in plus sizes, I highly recommend checking out my post on plus size long torso swimsuits. Here, I’ve chosen a few swimsuits that will definitely help you conceal your tummy (and even back!) fat.

cupshe two piece bathing suit

Sizes up to: 26
Price: $42.99
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long bathing suit in plus sizes

Never be afraid to employ the two piece and never underestimate how well it can conceal your waist and belly. 

This option from Cupshe on Amazon has a high-waisted bikini bottom as well as a ruffled top, perfect for covering your tummy area. I personally feel two pieces are a little less constricting than the traditional one piece.

summersalt’s sidestroke

Sizes up to: 24
Price: $95
Shop the Summersalt Sidestroke

plus size long torso swimsuits

The more upmarket one piece, but for good reason: that classic swimwear block stripe design (remember what I mentioned about color blocking concealing the belly!) and the overwhelmingly positive reviews from plus size (and tall) women. It’s 100% long torso friendly, as we can see it modeled beautifully by 6 foot tall Hunter McGrady.

lands’ end scoop neck one piece

Sizes up to: 26 plus
Price: $58.16
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This piece is specifically designed for plus size women so gives more room in the waist than a normal swimsuit would. With built-in tummy control, it’s a simple and effective piece for concealing in comfort.