At Tall Plus Life, we aim to provide accurate clothing recommendations for women of size, be they tall, plus size, or both. Here, we’ll run through the best leggings available in extended sizes, or ssbbw leggings (if you know, you know!)

Most of these leggings will be generous in the tummy/waist, but a few options here may not be ideal for taller women with longer legs. If you’re looking for long lengths, be sure to check out our roundup of tall plus size leggings instead.

We rate on our personal experience, inclusive sizings, and overall reviews.

best leggings for ssbbws

  • Best overall: Superfit Hero pocket leggings
  • Best value: Snag squat proof long leggings
  • Loudest design: Hey Peach space cat leggings

Read on to see why these are our best picks. We’ve structured this post to match the above layout, and start with leggings available in sizes up to 7X and go down from there.

superfit hero pocket leggings

Sizes up to: 7X
Inseam: 29”
Price: $98.00
Shop at Superfit Hero

Superfit Hero are honestly loved by so many plus size women with a variety of different body shapes.

These leggings have been designed with super plus size bodies in mind, as you can see from the awesome review they get from Shawna Farmer, below. The high waistband and compression fabric mean these will actually, yes actually, keep everything in, and the pockets are a really nice touch that so many companies don’t include for some reason!

These are at the higher end of the scale when it comes to pricing, but as Superfit say themselves, “these are the only pair of leggings you’ll ever need.” They are squat-proof, figure-complementing, and extremely high quality. With a 29 inch inseam, they will work on slightly longer legs, too.

snag squat proof long leggings

Sizes up to: 6X
Inseam: 29”
Price: $36.00
Shop at Snag

Snag are another brand getting a lot of hype in the plus size clothing game due to their tights, and they also make affordable leggings that were designed with a variety of body types in mind.

These are high-waisted and designed using sustainable fabric. They’re smooth and soft on your skin, and the supportive waistband is a big plus if you’re like me and want to keep your belly under control when you’re out and about.

On top of all that, the raspberry pink is a striking color!

girlfriend compressive high-rise legging

Sizes up to: 6X
Inseam: 29”, 24” or 20”
Price: $78.00
Shop at Girlfriend

Credit: @styleandnature7 wearing Girlfriend

Girlfriend go from small, to 6X. I guess the only negative is that they aren’t designed with plus size bodies in mind, and some reviewers do mark them down for not having that smoothing effect on a bigger body.

Now, for the positives! The compression works, and these are high quality leggings, able to survive a day walking around or a session of lifting without any hassle. What’s more, the variety of colors and inseam options is great and ensures you can find the right style of legging for you.

hey peach space cat leggings

Sizes up to: 5X
Inseam: Unknown
Price: $35.00
Shop at Hey Peach

I like to include brands that maybe aren’t as well-known if they offer clothes in truly extended sizes, and Hey Peach deserve a ton of credit for giving us bigger girls some truly loud options, with this pair of “Space Cat” leggings being my favorite.

These come with excellent stretch, and the all important pockets which make them a versatile fit. Did I mention, the designs are awesome?! As well as “Space Cat”, you can choose from Tweet Tweet capri leggings, constellation leggings, and a bunch of other artsy designs to add some different patterns to your legging game. Hey Peach! I see ya!