I have to admit, some of my past searches for yoga pants that fit were terrible. As a long-legged big booty babe, I wasn’t expecting to go through life at my height and body shape ever having yoga pants fit to my ankles, but thankfully in this case, there’s a first time for everything.

There are some brands that absolute slay when it comes to manufacturing tall and plus size yoga pants, and the items listed here are going to fit you a heck of a lot better than “normal” yoga pants, that I can guarantee!

the best yoga pants in tall and plus sizes

my choice // ewedoos high-waist yoga pant

Sizes up to: 3X
Inseam: 34”
Price: $35.99
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tall plus size yoga pants

I bought a pair of these last year and they’re my go-to for any workout or when I’m just lazing around the house. The 3X fits down to my ankle and the high waist secures my tummy really well, like these things literally work as a compression device and keep everything in place which, for me, is a rarity.

The pants come incredibly highly rated on Amazon too, with lots of tall women lauding the 34 inch inseam fit. These are my choice because it’s super rare to find yoga pants that fit, and they also have an affordable price tag.

old navy extra high-waisted wide-leg yoga pant

Sizes up to: 4X (28-30)
Inseam: 35.5″
Price: $34.99
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high waisted wide leg yoga pants for tall plus size women from old navy

A statement pair of yoga pants. Not only is the ultra high waist figure flattering, but the wide leg ensures maximum comfort through the thighs and calves, which is useful if you have big (and strong) legs like mine 😂

Old Navy consistently deliver for taller women in plus sizes, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews on these can attest to that once again.

woman within bootcut yoga pant

Sizes up to: 6X
Inseam: 33”
Price: $38.99
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woman within tall plus size bootcut yoga pants

Offering size, stretch, and length, Woman Within nail the bootcut yoga pants. The elastic waist offer stretch and will allow you to tuck the tummy in while not losing any of the shape of the pants.

I’ve never personally needed to get these as the above option is my “go-to”, but if I ever needed to size up these would absolutely get a look in. These are available in a wide range of colors, too.

yogiplace high-waisted yoga pants

Sizes up to: 2X
Inseam: 31″, 34″, 36″
Price: $40.99
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tall yoga pants available in sizes up to a 2x

While these will only work on a lower body up to a size 18/20, I commend the ultra versatile range of inseams Yogiplace offers. And as a bonus, you can pick up these in a 2 side pocket fit too (love those pockets in workout gear!)

These are really highly rated on Amazon at 4.6 stars, with over 3,000 ratings.

good american seamless chunky rib legging

Sizes up to: 5X
Inseam: Unknown; should fit bodies up to 5’11”
Price: $69
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plus size long leggings

Okay, so while not traditional yoga pants, Good American are one of my favorite brands for long legs (their jeans are LIT.) While there isn’t an inseam measurement given, the size 16 model above is 5’9″ so I would recommend these for tall curvy bodies up to a 5’11”.

How good is the chartreuse green? Major 80’s gym vibes from these.

Bear in mind, while these tall plus size leggings run to a 5X, their definition of a 5X is more like a size 26/28.

american tall open-bottom yoga pants

Sizes up to: 2X
Inseam: 35″ or 37”
Price: $65
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tall yoga pants in plus sizes

American Tall is an admirable brand for tall women, they just don’t make many clothes that accommodate tall and plus size women. That said, their super-long inseam on these yoga pants is going to cover your entire leg, provided you’re a 2X or less. The olive color on these is gorgeous, too.

As always, if you have any suggestions for us to broaden this list (which it most certainly is in need of!) let me know in the comments!

On that note, it’s frustrating to see actual yoga brands fail tall plus women. Beyond Yoga, for instance, have amazing gear but their longest inseam on their pants is 26 inches! I don’t mind wearing yoga pants like capris sometimes but I’m not paying a hundred bucks for the privilege!