There are a pleasantly surprising amount of pant suits that, in theory, should fit a tall plus size body. I am aware however, as someone who’s 5’11” and a size 22, that sometimes sizings can be misleading. So, I’ve scoured the internet for the bonafide options that should fit the truly tall and plus sized among us.

One thing I’ll say is if you want these to fit really well, don’t be afraid to customize and get the hems taken in/out, or even busts taken in. It’s important to slay whether you’re in the boardroom or out for dinner, and few things slay like a well-fitting pant suit.

There are a range of brands catering to us when it comes to tall plus size pants and, as usual, I aimed to prioritize brands that offer long inseams in plus sizes. So, let’s get down to business. 

roaman’s three-piece duster

Jacket length up to: 48”
Sleeve up to:
Inseam up to: 29”
Sizes up to: 44
Price: $190
Shop it: Here

tall plus size pant suits

Can we talk about how the lace jacket just absolutely pops? This three-piece includes an elegant lace “duster”, tank and wide leg formal trousers from the ever-reliable Roaman’s. The deep teal or black would look the most formal in terms of the color options. If you didn’t want to commit to the same color for the entire outfit a simple white or beige top would break it up a little.

Why do I like this so much? The reviews have a lot of comments about the pants being long (shorter women need to get them hemmed) and also roomy in the waist. You can be confident you’ll find an outfit to fit at Roaman’s, with their truly inclusive sizing all the way up to a US 44. The length of the lace duster will compliment taller bodies beautifully.

oceana linen house 2 piece linen suit

Custom Lengths
Sizes up to: 26
Price: $76
Shop it: Here

Hallelujah for Etsy stores that take custom sizes! Simply give them info on your size and height, and Oceana Linen House will create a customized linen suit for you in your color of choice.

This one definitely has the summer wedding/event vibe to it as it’ll keep you cool and comfy in the heat. The buckle around the waist is a lovely finishing touch. This can be styled with high heels or sandals.

shein solid double-breasted blazer & pants

Jacket length up to: 33”
Sleeve up to: 25”
Inseam up to:
Sizes up to: 20
Price: $38
Shop it: Here

plus size and long business suit

You might have some strong opinions on Shein, and I wouldn’t blame you, but this blazer and wide pant combo really kills in the dark green. 

Shein’s somewhat limited plus sizings mean this only runs to a 20, but a positive is that a good portion of reviewers say it runs large, and the pants are big in the waist (always a plus for me!)

Perhaps the most pleasing thing about the fit of this pant suit is there are multiple reviewers who are 5’11” or over complimenting how well it works on taller bodies. Not going to anger anyone by reposting personal pictures but check out the pics from the reviewer below on the product page, she is 5’11” and looks amazing in this!

tall plus size womens pant suits

shein plaid button front blazer & capri pants

Jacket length up to: 33”
Sleeve up to: 26”
Inseam up to:
Sizes up to: 30
Price: $17
Shop it: Here

This smart option from Shein doesn’t come with an abundance of reviews, but actually runs to a size 30 unlike the aforementioned Shein pant suit, with roughly the same length measurements. The plaid styling is simple yet smart. 

The relatively lower price tag means this probably isn’t built for quality but stands up as a good budget option if you only need to wear a suit every once in a while.

curvy glam ”i mean business“ set

Custom Sizes
Price: $75
Shop it: Here

custom sized plus size business suit

We’ve featured the awesome Curvy Glam Etsy store before because she creates tall girl friendly clothing, and this item was so popular it actually sold out! 

I particularly love this set because it comes with a blazer, wide leg trousers and a bralette that delight in their simplicity with a classic navy color and golden highlights on the jacket buttons and waist. You’ll want to get on her wait list to be notified on when this one is back!