The search for longer length plus size swim dresses and cover-ups is not abundantly easy, but here are five options that have tall, plus size women in mind.

I’m aware the term “swim dress” can mean different things to different people, so I’ve chosen a variety of styles to suit longer torsos that are available in extended sizes. 

This list starts off with two-piece swim dresses that stand alone as great options for a lazy day at the pool or beach, then moves onto more classic “cover-ups” that are designed to be worn over a bikini or swim top.

Image credit: LEAHCalifornia

hanna nikole two piece tankini mesh

Length: 31”
Sizes up to: 26
Price: $46.99
Shop it: Here

plus size swim dresses longer length

Probably the best option on this list for tummy control. The front ruffles and bowknot allow you to modify this dress to suit your waist and hide your tummy, if that’s what you wanna do.

This comes with boyshorts, which to me is a fetch word for compression shorts. Either way, they’re great for control. There is a ton of variety to choose from in terms of patterns on this two piece. Paisley, floral… I must admit I love the pineapple design myself 😆

cootry long sleeve swim shirts

Length: 33”
Sizes up to: 5X
Price: $30.99
Shop it: Here

plus size long swim dress

I know I know, not technically a “dress” but to me this sure looks more like a dress than a swim shirt, in part because of the generous torso length.

I love the variety of prints these are available in, from floral patterns to black with floral sleeves, to pin up style plaid red. The half-zip front allows you to show or hide as much cleavage as you want.

What’s truly great about these for plus size women is the rash guard functionality, which ensures you’ll stay comfortable all day long in this piece.

casabaco athletic two piece swimdress

Length: Unknown
Sizes up to: 28
Price: $36.99
Shop it: Here

Low cut. Long skirt. With boob support and tummy control. This checks all the boxes for me.

So, the brand doesn’t list the exact length of this two-piece, but there are multiple reviewers on Amazon who say this runs long. The review I’ve highlighted below states she feels like she’s wearing a dress, er, I guess that’s the point girl!

I like how the feather print is bold without being too detailed or overstated on this one.

Much longer than expected (kind of felt like I was wearing a dress) and if it’s windy it will very easily blow up.


plus size beach cover-up by leahcalifornia (etsy)

Length: 36”
Sizes up to: 22
Price: $25.00
Shop it: Here

Ethical and affordable, this is a classic Etsy find for those of us wanting a simple cover-up from a good, honest designer.

That long length is going to cover even the longest of torsos, and the pink blush color is wonderfully neutral, with the bat-wing sleeves and beautifully trimmed edges adding a little statement to the piece. This type of cover-up would work wonders with a pair of wide width sandals.

The designer, Leah, has 5 star reviews across the board for all her items.

harper lace cover-up by leahcalifornia (etsy)

Length: 34.5”
Sizes up to: 22
Price: $25.00
Shop it: Here

So, I had to include this one from the same shop too because the hand-drawn lace is just too cute to not mention. This is low, low cut! And certainly a statement piece as far as cover-ups go, wow!

None of these may be brands you’re too familiar with, but I’m confident these selections will work for a tall, plus size body. In case you were interested, I spent a good chunk of time rounding up the best plus size long torso swimsuits from a range of well-known and boutique brands.

The swimwear challenge for bodies like ours is a legit one, but I hope some of these suggestions appeal to both your tastes, and body type! Any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.