Yes, tankinis do exist in tall and plus sizes! I had to look around, but the options here are really size inclusive and will hold up well on those of us with long torsos.

At the end of this piece is a guide on how to measure your torso for tankinis. Thankfully, measuring for tankinis is a little easier than long torso plus size swimsuits. For reference, I’m 5’11” and have long legs but a relatively shorter 31 inch torso, though even that’s still too long for most tops 😆

june and vie longer-length tankini

Fits torsos up to: 36 inches
Sizes up to: 40
Price: $69.99
Rating: 4.4
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A seriously long swim tunic from a seriously size-inclusive brand? Check! At 36 inches in length, this is the longest option I could find in plus sizes.

June and Vie take “extra long” seriously by delivering a piece to truly fit those of us with long torsos. It offers good boob support with a built-in bra and the high-waisted hem is useful for hiding bellies.

Great quality and very pretty design! I am 5’11 and 300 lbs. It gives me great coverage in the bust area (which is very hard for me to find) and is long enough to cover my butt and front area (which is also hard for me to find). You can tell this was designed for plus size people specifically. I will actually enjoy wearing my bathing suit this summer instead of trying to hide myself. Worth every penny!


swimsuits for all swim tunic

Fits torsos up to: 32 inches
Sizes up to: 44
Price: $67.99
Rating: 4.5
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As far as a winner goes for plus size extra long tankinis, this tankini/swim dress combo might take the prize with a high rating and style to match. It’s genuinely long: several reviewers said they actually had to get this shortened, which is always a sign that a piece is tall-inclusive. 

Chlorine resistant and lightweight, this is a great option to throw over a swim bra for a relaxed day at the beach or pool.

Cons: On the subject of bras, you will most likely need to wear a bra underneath this as it’s technically a “tunic”, not a tankini, and hasn’t got boob support.

swimsuits for all longer-length racerback

Fits torsos up to: 28 inches
Sizes up to: 34
Price: $50.48
Rating: 4.3
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racerback long plus size tankini

This option from Swimsuits for All is not as long as the previous option, but does come with cup supports. Reviewers love the high neckline/coverage and comfort, with most saying they can wear this all day without anything riding up which is always a winner.

I’m 5’10” with a long torso, so I always have trouble finding a swim top that is long enough. This one hits me mid hip. I also appreciate the molded cups which give support without the discomfort of an underwire. I always find swimsuits run a little small, so I ordered up one size and it’s perfect.

Cons: From reading some reviews, this doesn’t cater to those with bigger bellies/smaller boobs very well. As someone who falls into that category, I know a lot of “plus size” brands (ahem, Torrid) style tops like this so I’d probably stay away from it, but all bodies are different!

venus adjustable long tankini top

Fits curvy bodies up to: 5 foot 11 inches
Sizes up to: 24
Price: $59
Rating: 4.6
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long plus size tankini

I love including brands that may fall under the radar in the plus size community a bit, and Venus deserve the shoutout for creating this loud multi-stripe adjustable tankini in sizes up to 24.

I couldn’t find any torso length information specifically for this item, but its rating of 4.6 stars and the fact reviewers said it fit their 5’11” curvy body well, meant this absolutely had to make the list.

torso measuring for tankinis

Unlike swimsuits, torso measurements for tankinis don’t involve having to run your tape measure from your shoulder, under you and back up your back. 

When thinking of what length is best for you, your length for tops will be the measurement you want, that is to say: simply measure from the base of your neck to your hip bone for your true torso length.