Swimsuits are pretty high on the list of “things that I struggle to find for my tall fat body” which is why I decided to give a total rundown on the brands, fits, and products that do work on taller curvy bodies, and also some that don’t!

These are either picks I’ve owned or that I’ve researched. For context, I’m 5 foot 11 and a size 22/24. You can be sure that all the options on this list will cater to women with my body type, and many will go above my size/height too. I’m really happy with this list, as you’ve got some more revealing beach fits, as well as some traditional-looking swimsuits designed for activewear.

All these swimsuits will feature some variant of tummy control unless otherwise mentioned. It’s also important to read about swimsuit torso lengths for some context.

The long and the tall of this article (click to navigate):

summersalt’s ”the sidestroke“

Fits curvy bodies up to: 6 feet tall
Sizes up to: 24
Price: $95
Shop the Summersalt Sidestroke

The Sidestroke is everywhere, like literally everywhere, and with good reason: it’s one of the most beautiful swimsuits around. There’s just something unique about those wraparound white and teal stripes, and the one-shoulder style is just super flattering for any figure.

Now, I do wish Summersalt would provide their torso lengths, but I’ve seen numerous tall plus size models pull the Sidestroke off, such as Hunter McGrady, who is 6 feet tall and roughly a size 20/22 US. I think the bottom of the suit rides up a little around her hip chub, so this is definitely the upper limit in terms of the body type this swimsuit can fit.

Image Credit: Summersalt

mirasol long torso bathing suit for the super tall

Fits curvy bodies up to: 6 feet 4 inches tall
Sizes up to: 22
Price: $115
Shop on Etsy

Mirasol offer a traditional black bathing suit with a fit that’s truly customized to your body type. You select your bra size, body size, height, and other key measurements when you order. The supportive underwire ensures everything will stay in place, and reviewers love this Florida designer because, like a lot of Etsy sellers, they will make adjustments to your swimsuit if it’s not totally fitting right.

I am 6’4” and this is my 3rd suit I have gotten from Mirasol and she has nailed it again!! Will be coming back again for sure!

etsy reviewer

summersalt’s long torso bow-shoulder runched sidestroke

Fits curvy bodies up to: 6 feet 2 inches tall
Sizes up to: 22
Price: $115
Shop the Summersalt Bow-Shoulder Sidestroke

Again, while we have no hard and fast torso length measurements, Summersalt add 1 ¾ inches to this long torso suit and it pops with the shoulder bow. Introduce patterns to your swimsuit game with floral and leafy designs, or just stick to the one-tone seaweed which looks beautiful. The ruffle detail will balance your body shape nicely.

You should be able to pull this off if you’re up to 6’1” or 6’2” and up to a size 22.

cupshe two piece bathing suit

Fits curvy bodies up to: 6 feet 1 inches tall
Sizes up to: 26
Price: $42.99
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plus size swimsuit for a long torso

As to be expected from an Amazon find, this is a really affordable plus size two piece that comes highly rated from tall woman reviewers!

The adjustable straps mean you can tailor the top to fit your body if you’re bigger in the chest or hips, and the ruffle is great for “concealing” the tummy and generally a really flattering shape for the waist in general.

the marielle by nettle’s tale

Fits curvy bodies up to: 6 feet 1 inches tall
Sizes up to: 28
Price: $137.00
Shop The Marielle

Nettle’s Tale is a boutique swimwear and apparel brand from Vancouver, Canada. I love them because they’re highly rated by customers, but they also don’t hold back when it comes to marketing and diversity: you’ll see a wide range of body types, shapes and colors on their product page above, and they call The Marielle their “cheekiest” swimsuit which I also love!

The super-low neckline and minimal booty cover make this probably the most revealing fit on this list. Their model (pictured below) is 6’1”, though some reviewers say they could have used more length in the torso. As far as plus size tall swimsuits go for those of us with long legs, I’d be comfortable saying this will fit anyone up to that height. If you have a much longer torso, it maybe won’t be for you.

artesands recycled hues black delacroix one piece

Torso length up to: 78-81 inches back and front
Sizes up to: 24
Price: $134.95
Shop the Artesands Black Delacroix

“Artesands fits your curves” is their tagline. And though they don’t specifically advertise this as a “long torso” option the generous length of up to 81 inches in a size 24 is longer than most brands’ “long torso” options. I’ve definitely seen more than one tall plus size model I follow preaching about Artesands.

What I love about this one is that you can adjust the shoulder straps for extra support. This piece was created this entirely from recycled nylon and the matte black gives it a distinctly timeless look.

lands’ end scoop neck one piece

Fits curvy bodies up to: 6 feet tall
Sizes up to: 26 plus
Price: $58.16
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plus size swimsuit for bodies up to 6 feet tall

Lands’ End opt for a flat neckline and traditional swimsuit look in this no-frills option designed for active use. Women who are 6 feet tall say this fits great, and their plus sizes are designed to accommodate bigger waists.

I ordered the tall and it was perfect. I am 6 feet tall. Comfortable, great fit, great material.


the tulum by andie

Torso length up to: over 30 inches
Sizes up to: 22
Price: $98
Shop the Tulum

This one-piece from Andie ticks the box for authentic style (the colors are loud but mostly one-tone in electric red or pink) and comfort: the underbust seam and cross-hatched back gives maximum bust support.

Over a thousand reviewers rate this 4.7 stars. Andie isn’t branded as a plus or tall brand by nature, but based on the reviews a lot of women in the 5’10”-6” range didn’t even opt for the “long torso” option and said it fit well, which is encouraging.

aerie jacquard cut out one piece

Sizes up to: 20L
Price: $54.95
Shop at Aerie

American Eagle slot in later in this list because I’m not happy they recently chose to reduce their plus size range from up to a 24 down to a 20. This one really caught my eye, even though I couldn’t fit in it. The green really pops, and I love the distressed textures on the swimsuit to give it a distinctly glam look. These are available in long sizes.

The rest of the long torso plus size swimsuits featured here are going to be specifically suited for swimming, water aerobics, and other water-based sports/activities!

Here, we have swimsuit options that “suit” those of us who are active, be it swimming, or water aerobics or whatever.

swimsuits for all spliced tank one piece

Torso length up to: 80.5 inches back and front
Sizes up to: 34
Price: $92
Shop the Swimsuits for All One Piece

Swimsuits for All have long been a disruptor in the swimwear game, so it’s no surprise this one piece delivers in terms of both length and size. Coming in with a loud design but quietly fitting in all the right places with full bottom coverage and tummy control, this is a swimsuit that absolutely “does it all.” 

QUOTE This suit flatters the figure, is durable for water aerobics, and easy to wear for poolside sports. I am buying this suit again in another color because I really liked the look and fit. I wear a 20/22 and am 6′ tall. The torso is nice and long.

beefcake swimwear “the original” long

Torso length up to: over 30 inches
Sizes up to: 5X
Price: $99
Shop the Beefcake Original

Beefcake proudly design and manufacture their swimwear in Portland, Oregon. They specialize in classic, almost vintage-looking fully lined “bathing suits” in block colors (black or blue) with a few simple lines running across. 

They don’t give an exact torso measurement in terms of the length this will fit, but it’s a unisex option and they advise choosing this if your torso is over 30 inches long. Their offering is so gender fluid, they earned a spot on the cover of Teen Vogue in 2022, what!

Image Credit: Teen Vogue

swim and sweat krinkle black one piece

Torso length up to: 77.5 inches back and front
Sizes up to: 26
Price: $82.99
Shop at Swim and Sweat

A legit great option for the pool swimmers among us, Swim and Sweat’s long torso one piece is chlorine resistant and has a supportive cup. They have other options but this was their most highly rated product.

other notable mentions

Fig Leaves // I’ve seen examples of their one pieces fitting the 6’4” body of Jennilee from The Real Tall. I can’t seem to find an actual site, it seems they are a wholesaler and sell through Asos as well as other sites, but their primary tall tummy control option is out of stock when I do a search.

Camilla // An Australian brand that also has an online store in the US. I’ve seen Kate Wasley (5’11”, size 18/20) pull off one of their “cossies” before, as they’d say in Australia, so you would figure these can cover a longer torso, but their US store only goes up to an XL which isn’t super accessible.

longitude’s long torso swimsuits don’t really have long torsos

Along with Summersalt, I haven’t stopped hearing about Longitude from anyone looking to buy swimwear. I have to say I was disappointed by the length of their swimsuits I ordered though, and I ended up having to return them. I actually thought they had great boob support and the nylon/spandex combo was really thick and strong, but it just didn’t fit my 5’11” torso at all.

That’s the collection, for now! Be sure to check back regularly as I know good swimsuits are hard to come by, so I will update this often.

torso sizing/measuring

We all want our swimsuit to fit perfectly, so there are a lot of measurements we need to get in order to find the right one. 

Some brands won’t disclose the torso lengths their swimsuits fit, but based on personal experience and reviews we can tell they’ll fit curvy bodies up to a certain height, which we mention.

Some brands go further, by offering a full torso measurement. That’s the measurement from the top of your shoulder, to between your legs, then up your back to the starting point so that it “meets.” This takes into account your fat as well as your body length, which is vital for the tall plus. I’ll probably discuss this further in a separate post, but for reference I’m 5’11” and a size 22/24, and my full torso length is 78.5 inches. I do have longer legs, so everyone will be different.