At Tall Plus Life, we aim to create size-inclusive guides and roundups of clothes that specifically fit taller, plus size women. 

As in my roundup of my fave tall plus size maxi dresses I’ve included a size chart specifically to do with lengths of maxi dresses, but I’ve built this one out to be a bit more detailed.

Use the chart as a base for deciding which length maxi dress to choose for a floor, ankle, or mid-calf fit.

height classto floorto ankleto mid-calf
5’7″-5’9″ (moderately tall)53”+51″+47”+
5’10”-6′ (tall)56”+54″+50”+
6’1″+ (very tall)59”+57″+54”+

Of course, this is only a very top level guide in general terms of the type of lengths that you should look for, as a tall woman. If you have longer legs, you may want to add an inch or two to the base measurements. If you have a longer torso, you could get away with going for a few inches less when saying “yes” to the dress.

Next, we’ll go over the three main types of maxi dresses, with some styling examples from myself, and advice on how you can elevate your own dress game with each option.

floor length maxi dresses

The most classical looking maxi dresses, these are ideally figure hugging in the chest and hips but flowy through the legs. 

This floor length maxi from Asos (not linking as it was discontinued) was 58 inches and flowed perfectly to the ground. I’m 6 feet tall, for reference!

maxi dress length guide for tall women

when to wear

Weddings, galas, balls… you get the picture. It is true that tall girls will look taller in floor length dresses, but if you’re like me and enjoy turning heads, go ahead and pull this off, Queen.

how to style

Usually, a tall plus size evening dress should be paired with heels from the same color palette. If you’re wearing heels, you can add an inch or two onto the desired maxi dress length as per the table above.

ankle length maxi dresses

This is one I included in my roundup of maxi dresses that fit longer, plus size bodies. Brittany Price absolutely rocks this beauty from Maurice’s!

brittany price dress

when to wear

Ankle length maxis are versatile and can be styled for a picnic in the park, a day out sightseeing, in the office, or going out to a casual dinner and everything in between!

how to style

Take a leaf out of beauty Brittany’s book and style with some prominent earrings or a neck piece.

mid-calf maxi dresses

The mid-calf is a really great option for something a bit more casual than a floor-length or ankle-length maxi. It gives you the option to show off your calves and can be paired just as easily with wide wedge sandals as it can be heels.

maxi dress length guide mid calf

when to wear

Case in point: I was on a cruise and for dinner I paired this mid-calf dress from Maurice’s with heels. I wasn’t going to go all out but the dinner was kind of dressy so this was the perfect option for me.

how to style

Giving your calves a bit of room can often make you feel less “giant” for want of a better word. Tall Girl Crew, you know what I mean. You can further show off your calves with a classic pair of heels to dress the maxi up.

One piece of advice I would give is don’t shy away from a maxi just because you’re tall and/or plus size. 

It may take some trial and error to find your exact length in inches that you want for that flowy feel, but a good maxi dress can elevate anyone’s style, be it for a special occasion or simply to turn a few heads in the office!