“You shouldn’t wear that, it makes you look even taller.” Raise your hand if you’ve been told that before? It’s something I’ve heard when shopping for dresses or skirts, but as a tall plus size woman (5’11”, 300-beep pounds) I look for styles that compliment my figure and length, not styles that try to hide it.

That’s why I think you’ll really find a lot of value from my top picks when it comes to tall plus size maxi skirts. These dresses compliment curves while flowing all the way to your ankles, and in many cases, past your ankles even if you’re super tall!

I’ve grouped the skirts by style, i.e boho, pleated, but the list begins with the skirts that are truly “the longest” and available in plus sizes. Below is a brief summary of my top finds. Just click to navigate to each skirt.

Longest and best value: themogan ultra long relaxed skirt
Best for smart casual: Long Tall Sally tube skirt
Best for formal wear: Etsy custom formal skirt
Best boho summer style: Sinono beach skirt

extra long plus size maxi skirts

the ultra long relaxed option by themogan (amazon)

Length: 50”
Sizes up to: 3X
Price: $22.99
Shop it: Here

super long maxi skirt

Gotta love a good Amazon fashion find that ships from the US! This skirt is officially the longest you can find, with multiple women over 6 foot tall saying this fits perfectly.

As someone who doesn’t like to get too pattern-y with dresses, I like the solid colors, and the ultra long length gives this dress a great natural flow.

Yes, I know the model is stick thin in the product image, but they run to a 3X!

Beautiful skirt! Fits just as I expected. Perfect for hot summer days, it’s light and falls beautifully. I’m 6’1” and now I finally have a skirt that is long enough!!!


the smart casual tube skirt from long tall sally

Length: 46”
Sizes up to: 24
Price: $34.00
Shop it: Here

plus size long length maxi skirt

In a commanding black, this tube skirt is figure-hugging and long, as we’ve come to expect from LTS. I particularly like this as a piece for the office, paired with tennis shoes and a neutral cami or sweater. The model here is 5’11”, and you can see how well this sweeps to the feet.

If you’re looking for an even longer length, this summery floral maxi is designed to be more high-waisted and measures an impressive 47 ¼”. 

long pleated maxi skirts in plus sizes

allegrace high waist maxi skirt with pockets (amazon)

Length: 36”
Sizes up to: 4X
Price: $29.86
Shop it: Here

plus size long maxi skirt

The 36 inch length may seem underwhelming to tall girls at first glance, but reviewers as tall as 5’10” say the dress comes to ankle, or just above ankle length. The shirring gives this skirt a nice textured finish, the fabric is super soft, and it’s in the rare territory of being a “maxi skirt with pockets”, yas!

the custom made formal option (etsy)

Length: Custom
Sizes up to: Custom
Price: $120.19
Shop it: Here

This pleated formal skirt has a beautiful finish on the color that makes it stand out without being too loud. Etsy seller Dannellys creates these skirts to fit your measurements: simply add your personalization to the details on your order.

This product has a huge 4.8 stars from almost a hundred reviews at the time of writing. Reviewers love the quality and texture of this formal dress. An added plus for us: it comes with pockets!

the custom made linen option (etsy)

Length: Custom
Sizes up to: Custom
Price: $79.00
Shop it: Here

long plus size maxi skirt custom

Continuing with the custom Etsy theme, this pleated linen maxi skirt is a great option for cooler days. It boasts an average review score of 4.9, with customers commenting on the beautiful texture of the fabric and the near-perfect fit thanks to easy customization. I know, the model is a twig, but I assure you the seller will create a skirt to fit your measurements!

Etsy seller xiaolizi comes from “generations of seamstresses”, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews speak to the quality you’ll get with this maxi skirt.

Another plus size long maxi skirt from this Etsy seller to take a look at is the high waist pleated swing skirt, which is also made to order and came with this glowing review.

I absolutely love the skirt! I was a little nervous about it at first with the price, but it is so worth it! I highly recommend the seller, these skirts are of really high-quality. They’re made really well, the material is really comfortable and durable. It is not see-through at all. The seller is fantastic at communicating. The skirt was not sent with any washing instructions, so I sent the seller a quick email and they responded extremely quickly with everything I needed. I am so excited to wear this, it’s a beautiful skirt! It’s a perfect fit, I absolutely love it!


boho-style maxi skirts

the sinono beach skirt

Length: 41 inches
Sizes up to: 3X
Price: $29.00
Shop it: Here

boho long plus size maxi skirt

The chiffon fabric makes this beach skirt from Sinono soft and breathable. I’d say this works better as a dinner date or summer party option than a beach skirt, but each to their own. The floral patterns are distinguished and aren’t overdone. At just over 41 inches this is a good length, but don’t expect it to flow past your ankles if you’re over 6 foot tall.

bohemian traders ruffle maxi in magenta

Length: 38 inches
Sizes up to: 4X
Price: $60.00
Shop it: Currently OOS.

I’m bummed they’ve sold out of the plus sizes for this one, as I’ve seen the tall plus size model Mikayla Wain style these skirts beautifully as you can see in the feature image of this post.. Keep an eye on these ones, they’re on the expensive side but definitely fit a tall plus size figure to a tee.

grungey maxi skirts

the ”all black e’ething“ look from shein

Length: 43½ inches
Sizes up to: 4X
Price: $15.49
Shop it: Here

Shein may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they do produce clothes that fit tall plus size bodies. This plus size long maxi skirt in black is no exception, and can be styled with a crop top or cami and boots to give a distinctly grungey feel to your outfit. 

black side slit maxi skirt from hot topic

Length: 43 inches
Sizes up to: 5X
Price: $36.90
Shop it: Here

You can trust Hot Topic will have Torrid sizings as they’re both owned by the same company! So this side slit maxi dress is going to fit taller plus size bodies well, because Torrid sizings are generous in the waist and long. 

The side slits on both sides give an edgy rock feel to this, as you’d expect from Hot Topic, and you have to love the review from a shorter woman which confirms this absolutely will work for tall bodies.

It’s really long. I’m 5’6” and can use this as a dress. If you’re tall, this should be a great length for you.


As you can see, there are some truly inclusive options when it comes to long plus size maxi skirts! I personally love styling high-waisted skirts with crop tops, and maxis really give you some “pop” to your butt while flowing beautifully down your long legs. Speaking of finding dresses that flow, be sure to check out our roundup of long plus size maxi dresses too.

Feature image credit: Bohemian Traders maxi skirt as styled by Mikayla Wain