At Tall Plus Life, all our authors are all tall, plus size women, so it’s not really surprising we’ve got good game when it comes to reviewing the best wide width sneakers that will comfortably fit larger feet.

The list below is ordered by the highest rated sneakers, both in terms of my picks (as a woman with size 11 wide feet!) and overall online reviews. From big brands to boutique brands, they’re all featured here!

Some products come with circumference measurements, which is really handy. And if you ever need to measure your foot for these, just use a tape measure around the widest part of your foot.

best women’s sneakers for wide feet

skechers go walk 5-true sneaker

Wide sizes up to: 13
Price: $40
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wide width skechers

Girls, this is the highest rated wide width sneaker on Amazon currently! 

Straight away I loved the price tag and the fact these run all the way to a size 13. Then, digging into the reviews, it was so pleasing to see all the wide reviewers said these genuinely run “wide” and also have a wide toe box which is super important. Kudos, Skechers!

naturalizer morrison sneaker

Extra wide sizes up to: 12
Price: $99
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wide width sneaker from naturalizer

I’m all too aware that Naturalizer make fantastic wide width footwear (see my review of their wide width ankle boots for reference) and these sleek, simple sneakers are no different.

The ankle has a beautiful silvery hue on the white style, making this very on-trend which is not something you can say about all wide width sneakers! Reviewers say these are super easy to break in, with many repeat customers buying multiple pairs.

my choice: nike court vision low next nature

Wide sizes up to: 12
Price: $80
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very wide width nike sneakers

Those who say Nike don’t accommodate wide feet for us girls haven’t found these yet! The Court Visions are my go-to for being out and about, with unrivaled comfort and a classic “tennis shoe” look with the signature Nike stripe.

These don’t come in “wide” sizes but run big by design. I’d recommend checking the reviews if you don’t believe me, these are a favorite for lots of women with wider feet and for someone who usually has to order a “wide” it’s pretty cool to see Nike do a shoe that fits my fat feet naturally!

under armor charged assert 9

Wide sizes up to: 12
Price: $46.95
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wide width under armor sneaker

These functional sneakers have an amazing 4.5 stars overall in reviews, and I have to love that price tag…

Some reviews from wide width buyers are mixed, with most saying it’s a true wide shoe and a few reviews less convinced. These aren’t just available in black, and “pink sands” color really pops!

whitin minimalist wide width sneaker

Wide sizes up to: 11.5
Price: $59.99
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wide width sneaker from amazon fashion

Lesser known brand, but great reviews from the wide shoe crew! This doesn’t have as much padding on the sole as a traditional sneaker but the lightness would be great for wearing indoors and in summer.

vans authentic wide shoe

Wide sizes up to: 17.5
Price: $55
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wide width vans

A classic option, the Vans Authentic now comes in wide and is confirmed to have a wide toe box as well as a wide sole, check and check!

I can confirm these are significantly wider than their usual shoe and you have to love being able to style this classic white style with just about any casual look as well as with dresses!

orthofeet orthopedic knit no-tie sneaker

Extra wide sizes up to: 12
Price: $119.95
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extra wide width sneakers

This brand continually comes up when I talk to plus size friends about reliable and practical sneakers.

Designed by a brand that literally focuses on orthopedic contouring, this is a fantastic option for anyone with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis. The band guarantees to provide “pain relief”, and I love the fact they size up to extra wide, too.

comfortview “the anzani” sneaker

Extra wide sizes up to: 12
Price: $47.13
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wide width bow sneaker

Comfortview are renowned for producing true wide width footwear. These may not be as highly rated as other sneakers with a current overall 3.8 stars, but I can guarantee these minimalist sneakers will fit wide feet due to Comfortview’s reputation in the plus size community.

The bow is a nice elegant touch. I particularly like they have a measurement chart too, showing the foot circumference their “extra wide” design will fit.

propét travelactiv casual sneakers

Extra wide sizes up to: 12
Price: $79.95
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propét wide width sneaker

The wide feet crew swear by Propet, and I can confirm having owned several pairs of their boots and sandals before, they make footwear that just gets wide feet.

These sneakers/walking shoes as they’re branded are no exception, rated 4.3 stars on Amazon. I’d suggest browsing their storefront on Amazon as you can usually pick up a good pair of wide shoes on a budget there.

hoka gaviota 5

Wide sizes up to: 12
Price: $175
Shop at Hoka

wide width hoka sneakers

These are definitely on the upper end of what I’d be looking to pay for sneakers, and I haven’t tried these personally, but my girl Mary BoBerry swears by these for their incredible support and comfort, and she’s an infinifat so I tend to trust her judgment on this!

plus size woman wearing wide width sneakers
Mary BoBerry rocking her Hokas

dr. scholl’s madison sneaker

Wide sizes up to: 11
Price: $36.99
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While they may not have the size options of other shoes on this list, this is a simple budget option for a comfy sneaker to wear round the office or at home. 

With several patterns and color schemes it’s a versatile and highly rated sneaker with 4.2 stars overall. Pleasingly, the wide version reviews of this are overwhelmingly positive.

new balance made in usa 993 core

Wide sizes up to: 13
Price: $199.99
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Another pretty hefty price tag here, but the fact NB offer these up to a size 13 wide means they’re a practical shoe for wider soles. NB have gotten pretty bulky with their sneakers lately, in keeping with the kind of style ‘sneaker heads’ like these days, but with the added bulk means added padding around the ankle and a supportive shock-absorbing midsole.

These don’t have a ton of reviews but score an impressive 4.8 stars on the official NB website.

Wow, quite a list! As a heads up, if you’re looking for footwear for warmer days, Amelia also wrote a great guide to the best wide width sandals!

We’re going to constantly be updating this list, and there are actually a few options I really want to try myself, so stay tuned!