Looking to level up your boot style? Here’s my round-up of the most kick-ass cowgirl boots that will fit large calves.

Cowgirl boots are a great choice as there are just a lot of options for different outfit looks available. Pastel maxi dresses, midi-shirt dresses, animal print dresses, or just the classic “over the skinny denim jeans” look are pairings that all work wonders for these boots.

What I should say before I start is that, unlike traditional boot options for wide calves, the cowgirl boot options generally don’t go above 20 inch calf sizes, although all these boots are 100% leather unless otherwise stated, and will come with an inch or so of give, so buckle up and enjoy.

best cowgirl boots for wide feet and calves

laredo round toe maddie boot

Fits calves up to: 20 ¼”
Price: $111-125
Shop it: Here

wide calf cowgirl boots up to 20 and a quarter inches

This is definitely the more classic cowgirl boot look and you’ll see it’s already got that distressed, worn-in look which for me adds to the authenticity. This would be a delight with jeans and a tank.

These are 1.5 inch heel and, most notably, on the reviews for these it’s confirmed that the boots are actually wide fit, with a number of reviewers saying they were “too big” a fit for smaller calves. Yas!

luoika chunky pump heel wide calf boot

Fits calves up to: 21″
Price: $89
Shop it: Here

plus size cowgirl boot

This is a relatively new addition from Luoika, but when I found out they’d made a wide calf cowgirl boot I was all over this as they consistently produce great wide width footwear.

Reviewers agree: this currently has 4.9 stars overall and is available in 9 different colors. These offer a really solid chunky heel that’s 1.5 inches, enough to give your legs some real pop while still offering the comfort to wear these out all day.

laredo anita wide calf boot

Fits calves up to: 20 ¼” 
Price: $134.95
Shop it: Here

a truly plus size cowgirl boot

A loud boot! I love the way the brown leather blends into the turquoise blue/green leather on this one because I think the boot would really match well with a dress of a similar color or a pastel color. With a “cowboy approved II outsole” and the reviews saying they fit well, you can be both loud and comfortable with these ones!

Note: the Amazon listing doesn’t mention the calf size, but I got the sizing info from the old Roaman’s listing. It fits calves up to 20 and a quarter inches.

rock’em “the juany” xl cowgirl boot

Fits calves up to: 21″
Price: $299.99
Shop it: Here

a rockin' wide calf cowgirl boot

Rock’em are a Latino-owned western retailer that handcraft all their boots, and they get wide calves! Their exquisitely made Juany XLs come with a 21 inch shaft in a range of classic western colors from tan and beige, to more modern options like turquoise and white.

The price point is more than the others on this list, but the legit might be the best plus size cowgirl boots out there!

pasuot rhinestone cowgirl boots

Fits calves up to: 19 ¼”
Price: $50.99
Shop it: Here

wide calf cowboy boots

We go from a spenny boot to a not-so spenny boot, with rubber as opposed to leather, but for the low price tag it has very positive reviews on Amazon.

I particularly love the reviews that say this boot is “too wide” – always a good sign!

ariat fatbaby

Fits calves up to: 18”+
Price: $99.95
Shop it: Here

wide calf wstern boots

Ariat specialize in western boots. Their Fatbaby is a mid-calf boot and therefore a good option if your calves aren’t going to squeeze in any of the other Ariat options on this list.

A lot of the reviews attest to these as being suitable for very big calves as a result, and they have an overall rating of 4.6 stars. The Fatbaby is a fully synthetic boot with a synthetic sole, and therefore a little less pricey than full leather boots.

durango lady rebel ventilated western boot

Fits calves up to: 17-18”
Price: $190.50
Shop it: Here

wide calf western boot

A very cool brand that’s started embracing inclusivity, and this boot might be my favorite of the bunch here. The pattern is largely the same as the other boots we’ve looked at, but the stark contrast of the leather “shoe” with the pure white “shaft” looks darn amazing! The level of detail is amplified by the red feather stitched onto the side panels.

It’s actually a bit unclear on how wide the “wide calf” is, but they go up to size 11w and on Zappos a reviewer says that they fit 16.5 inch calves well. In the below video, a very slender woman is modeling these and they are super loose on her. Carbs much, girl? In all seriousness, I’m pretty confident these would fit 17 or even 18 inch calves from seeing them in the video.

ariat heritage r toe stretchfit boot

Fits calves up to: 16”
Price: $169.95
Shop it: Here

This option from Ariat comes with a less pronounced heel but they emphasize the comfort and stretchability of the boots. You’ll notice a cute floral pattern on the sole and heel too. These don’t look like the wide calf version in the picture below but you get the idea.

ariat heritage wide calf western boot

Fits calves up to: 16 ¼”
Price: $153.96
Shop it: Here

Although the Ariat “wide calf” full boot option only goes just over 16 inches, they will stretch a little more and they’re probably the most authentic “western” brand to offer wide calf boots. A slightly higher price tag but these things are built to last.

On Ariat boots I particularly like the leather panels (handles) they have on each side of the boot that make pulling them on and off really easy.

other plus size cowgirl boot options

Here are some other boots I don’t know too much about but looked appealing for slightly smaller calves. FYI – you can also see our full round-up of 16 awesome wide calf boots, which features boots up to 25 inches wide.

iuv mid calf western boots

Fits calves up to: 15″
Price: $59.99
Shop it: Here

mid calf wide cowgirl boots

This is more of a wildcard option, with some reviewers saying it’s a great affordable wide calf boot, and others saying it’s not wide enough. I would stay away if you have calves over 17 inches as it likely wouldn’t be able to stretch, but the mid calf fit offers you flexibility to pair these with summery dresses and light jackets. Love the embroidering on these, too!

celebrity pink wide calf cowboy boot

Fits calves up to: ?
Price: $39.99
Shop it: Here

The more affordable option comes in the form of a patterned black cowboy boot from Celebrity Pink. The reviewers say this runs large, so even though there’s no real gauge for what calf site this will fit, for a mere forty bucks it could be worth the gamble for those of us with really big calves. Bear in mind this will be faux leather!

penny loves keeny sha western bootie

Fits calves up to: ?
Price: $69.99
Shop it: Here

If you want to go for something different, these booties are available in green and burnt orange. The detail on the design is really, pretty good for the price and with wide sizes I can easily see these being paired with denim jeans or pastel, summery dresses.

The booties are not full leather and are really only designed for smaller calves (*weeps uncontrollably*) but they DO have wide sizes, and in the name of inclusivity, and really for the fact that they’d look amazing with jeans or jean shorts!

how to measure your calf for cowgirl boots

  • Wrap a tape measure loosely around the widest part of each calf. It’s important to do both calves as one may be larger than the other.
  • Cowgirl boots will generally have more give than riding boots, so when choosing a size you can allow for an inch or so of “give”.

If I’ve missed anything or you think there should be more additions to the roundup of best women’s cowboy boots for wide calves, please let me know!