Wide calf snow boots. I’m not talking boots for slightly bigger calves, either. These boots are designed specifically to keep those of us with muscular, fat, shapely calves warm and dry in the harsh winter months.

Finding wide calf boots can be a nightmare, and some of the options on here are maybe not as wide in terms of calf circumference as I would like to see, but the first three options are real standouts for me.

my choice // torrid cold weather boot

Fits calves up to: 25”
Sizes up to: 13
Shop it: Here

Yes, an actual wide calf winter boot. These have gotten me through many a midwest winter with ease and I can afford to even wear thick-ish socks with them. Torrid have to be commended for offering a width of up to 25 inches, and they don’t lack style either with the faux fur lining and lace up front giving them a traditional snow boot feel.

The only issue: these are currently out of stock! This pretty much says it all as to how popular these were. I will definitely update this page if and when they come back into stock.

eileen waterproof

Fits calves up to: 20”
Sizes up to: 12
Shop it: Here

This is a bestseller from Woman Within, and is available in a number of colors but the pure white shaft and laces with the off-white shoe style really caught my eye. The heel is one inch and is sturdy. The reviews for this oddly vanished when I clicked around the page, but Woman Within list this as a bestseller. 

Importantly, with a designated plus size clothing brand you can be sure the boots are designed specifically for wider calves, and these snow boots will fit calves up to 20 inches depending on your shoe size.

brienne waterproof

Fits calves up to: 20”
Sizes up to: 12
Shop it: Here

Not quite as stylish as the aforementioned Eileen but this boot looks a little more practical for hiking/shoveling snow and it’s an ankle boot, with the shaft height at only 6 inches, which means those of us with super wide calves don’t need to worry about the Brienne going too far up and suffocating the calf. So, it’s designed to fit calves up to 20 inches, depending on shoe size, but you could entertain this even if you have larger calves.

bogs tall painterly

Fits calves up to: 17”
Sizes up to: 12
Shop it: Here

The brilliantly named BOGS keep your feet dry in any conditions with style. The floral patterns on the shaft of these really pop, and the overall emerald green color is a very pleasant change to most winter boots. 

Reviewers just rave about these boots, especially Canadians, which I guess means a lot when it comes to snow boots! My only gripe is that the wide calf option runs to 17 inches. But, you know, if the shoe fits…

propét helena

Fits calves up to: ?
Sizes up to: 11 X-W
Shop it: Here

There isn’t much information on the exact width of these ankle boots around the calf, however multiple reviewers say the extra-wide sizes were roomy, even allowing them to wear thick socks. In black, it’s more of a budget boot that sacrifices style, but if you’re going to be in five inches of snow, who cares anyways?

how to measure your calf for boots

Wrap a tape measure loosely around the widest part of each calf. It’s important to do both calves as one may be larger than the other.

If you’re under 5’4”, it’s recommended to add 1.5-2 inches to your calf size measurement.

If I’ve missed anything or you think there should be more additions to the roundup of the best snow boots for wide calves, please let me know!