Bright colors? Traditional black? They’re all here!

So a bit of a spoiler alert – this collection of rain boots is for wide calves. And I’m not talking just calves that are slightly bigger than average, girls. WIDE calves.

As someone with giant calves, I’m acutely aware how hard it can be to find boots for plus size calves; there’s just no way I can squeeze into what most brands advertise as “wide” boots. There are definitely options out there though girls, so let me present to you the best rain boots for wide calves!

best wide calf rain boots

jileon extra wide spotty rain boots

Fits calves up to: 23 inches
Price: $119.99
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Can I get a hallelujah for Jileon? If there’s such a thing as a winner for the best wide calf rain boots, Jileon would have to take the podium.

The reviews for these are off the hook! 73% gave them 5 stars! They’re practical and stylish, with the spots giving them that classic rain boot look. The boot tops are large enough to comfortably tuck your jeans or pants in, and the mauve soles and borders really make them stand out.

extra wide calf rain boots
Credit: 10k10kay

jileon extra wide rain boots with rear expansion

Fits calves up to: 23 inches
Price: $119.99
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wide calf rainboot with rear expansion

I love how Jileon make boots to suit plus size women, adding extra room in the ankles and foot as well as the calf. And with the rear expansion, these are super easy to just pull on and off.

Jileon describes these as “the sensible big sister of our extra wide family” – thick and durable, they’ll do good for gardening work or any outdoors-y type activity. As with the spotty boots, the buckle can also be adjusted to fit smaller calves.

Fellow Fat people who haven’t been able to wear a pair of rubber boots since Elementary school because your legs won’t fit anymore, may I introduce you to these boots: 😍 Comfortable, resizable, fits my giant f***ing legs, and actually waterproof. I jumped in a puddle today

10k10kay on jileon

Jileon specialize in creating only rain boots. This means you can guarantee all their boots are 100% waterproof and their mantra “rain boots to fit everybody” is pretty much true, as their extra wide boots will fit calves up to 23 inches. What’s more, they have sizes in wide and extra wide.

bogs high handle rain boot

Fits calves up to: 19 inches
Price: $93.99
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bogs black rainboot

Bogs, what a great name! These only go up to 19 inches but the style is certainly unique and these would be perfect for working in the garden or walking the pup on rainy days if you’re not super worried about looking glam. Slightly concerned that only the bottom part of the boot is waterproof, though!

A reviewer on Amazon said: “My calf measures 19″ at its widest point. I ordered size 11. They just fit.”

western chief wide calf rain boot

Fits calves up to: 18 inches
Price: $45.76
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wide calf rain boot

This is basically the budget version of the Jileon. They come with a very similar traditional “spotty” design, or a plain black version. They’re highly rated on Amazon (4.4 stars) but don’t have the awesome calf width of the Jileon, and are suitable for calves up to 18 inches.

could do better: hunter original tall wide calf rain boot

Fits calves up to: 17 inches
Price: $179.96
Shop them: Here

When I told someone I was putting this list together, they immediately mentioned Hunter. It’s synonymous with stylish riding-style rain boots, and though they’re not too easy to find (the link above is DSW) Hunter should be commended for offering a boot that can fit some wide calves at 17 inches.

Tall plus size women: this one is probably for you, provided the circumference is okay!

budget wide calf rain boot options

chelsea rain boots at target

Fits calves up to: ?
Price: $24.99
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Hail, Target! If you want a rain boot for wide feet that doesn’t need to go over your calf, these Chelsea boots from Target are a nice alternative. They’re highly rated from over thousands of reviews, though some reviewers note they run a little small.

walmart time and tru wide calf

Fits calves up to: ?
Price: $14.88
Shop them at Walmart

No idea what size calf these will fit (Walmright, amirite?) but the reviews say these do fit large calves well and at 15 dollars, will do a job!