Jeans, the most unforgiving of clothes for a tall plus size body and often, the most unreliable for sizing. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of brands, both mainstream and boutique, that now carry long plus size jeans even compared to five years ago.

I’m not rich enough to have bought every pair of jeans on this list (I wish), but you can be sure I’ve spent many hours researching the best pairs of women’s plus tall jeans to curate this list based on reviews and inclusive sizings for the tall and the fat! I’ve also highlighted jeans that I’ve personally worn and can attest to.

23 different styles of jeans with long inseams and plus sizes are included here. These are the brands that deliver what I feel are the best jeans for tall and curvy women. This list is updated regularly!

The long and the tall of this article (click to navigate to your style):

skinny jeans

good american “always fits” good legs skinny jean

Sizes up to: 32
Inseam: 35”
Price: $149
Shop at Good American

tall plus size jeans in 35 inch inseam

Good American make inclusively sized jeans in inseams up to 35 inches (tall.) With a mid-rise, truly flexible fit that adapts to your curves and body, this jean is suitable for bellies, booties, and everything else that comes with being blessed with height and curves!

No, I haven’t worn these, but no, I’m also not paid to recommend these, so check out the super positive reviews on the Good American site!

simply tall brooke high rise skinny shaper jean

Sizes up to: 22
Inseam up to: 36”
Price: $99
Shop it: Here

36 inch inseam jean in plus sizes

If you have super long legs Simply Tall are for you! The inseam on these is really impressive at 36 inches. The sizing isn’t that impressive as they only go up to a 22, but these have a really good stretch to them and at 93% cotton appear built to last.

alloy sierra lightweight skinny jeans

Sizes up to: 20
Inseam: 35″ or 37”
Price: $74
Shop it: Here

Credit: @big_emma_j

Alloy are renowned for creating jeans for tall women, and the Sierra gets a cool 4.9 stars from hundreds of customer reviews. What’s great about these beauties is the no gap waistband which helps these be even more figure fitting as skinny jeans.

Even though these only go up to a size 20, they do accommodate curves. I chose a photo from a curvy tall girl to reflect how gorgeous they look on wider hips, and several reviewers say they work well to keep everything in which is always a plus. They’re available in 35 or 37 inch inseams.

fashion to figure limitless jegging in blue wash

Sizes up to: 28
Inseam up to: 33.5”
Price: $59.95
Shop at FxF

tall plus size jeggings

There’s just something about jeggings that shape a figure. I chose this one from Fashion to Figure as they have the most variety in sizes currently in stock. They have a range of tall inseam jeans and they are generally well received by the plus size community.

my choice // torrid sky high skinny jeans

Sizes up to: 30
Inseam up to: 32”
Price: $85.50
Shop it: Here
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torrid skinny jeans in long inseam

Just a foreword here that I traditionally struggle with skinny jeans due to my long legs, large ass, and tummy, but this is my go-to fit that doesn’t break my bank and allows me to feel comfortable and confident when it comes to jeans days. 

As a size 24, these are excellent. It’s no surprise to see Torrid leading the way when it comes to inclusive sizing at affordable prices. These average 4.1 stars for the review score but the commentary on the reviews is overwhelmingly positive: people love them. I’ve had a pair of these for almost a year and the quality is fine. Most importantly, they have good stretch to cover tummies: I’m really comfortable moving around in them and they don’t create an uncomfortable overhang when I bend. They are also genuinely high-waisted and stay up. 

The “tall” fit is only 30 inches on the inseam, but “extra tall” is 32” and fits my 33” inseam perfectly for me to wear a little short on my ankle. In my opinion, when I found these my search for tall plus size high-waisted jeans ended: they are the real deal.

long tall sally pull on “bum shaper” jeggings

Sizes up to: 30-32
Inseam up to: 38”
Price: $30
Shop it: Here
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British tall woman retailer Long Tall Sally is worth a mention (they also now have a US store) because these jeggings are ultra-inclusive and go all the way up to a 38” inseam! At barely $50 they seem like they’d be a value find, though there are no reviews I could find on the website.

For me, I’d rather go all out leggings or all out jeans, but these “bum shapers” are a nice option to have, and LTS offer a range of long length jeans in different styles.

american eagle high-waisted jeggings

Sizes up to: 20
Inseam up to: 33” (x-long)
Price: $49.95
Shop at AE

american eagle long high waisted plus size jeans

Their extra long lengths are amazing for long legs and their skinny jeans in particular hug all the right places and provide amazing comfort for a skinny style. I love how they look with a simple black tank or top like in this above outfit from always.authentically.amber.

American Eagle were my favorite jeans of all time before they stopped making them in my size. That’s a sensitive subject that I won’t get into now, and their sizings differ by length, but they currently offer x-long up to a size 14.

These jeans have a 4.2 star rating from hundreds of reviews. You can also filter their reviews to read reviews from women your height, which I love! (Don’t only take my word, just see how many tall girls love these!)

avenue butter denim skinny jean

Sizes up to: 34
Inseam up to: 32”
Price: $69
Shop it: Here

No reviews to go off here but based on how highly Avenue are rated in the plus size community, the cheap price point on these should get your attention.

athleta sculptek ultra skinny jean

Sizes up to: 16*
Inseam up to: 32.5”
Price: $118
Shop it: Here

best tall plus size jeans

Here’s the deal: the regular plus sizes run up to a 28, but if you want the “tall” inseam you can only get these in a 16. I thought I would include these as a) a size 16 is technically “plus size”, b) they have glowing reviews and c) it’s good to see Athleta (a GAP brand) embracing inclusive sizing when it comes to big and tall women’s jeans.

I do laugh at brands that assume that a plus size woman will be of average height and a tall woman won’t be bigger than a size 16 😂 anyway, reviewers cite stretch and softness as the benefits of these, though a lot of reviews say you should size up as is often the case with brands that don’t sell specifically plus sizes.

straight leg jeans

my choice // lane bryant signature fit straight jean

Sizes up to: 40
Inseam up to: 34”
Price: $79.95
Shop it: Here

tall plus size jeans from lane bryant

Lane Bryant’s long jeans are just super popular. So much so, a lot of their other styles of long jeans have completely sold out.

Their popularity is warranted: these mid-rise jeans are designed with curves in mind, and fit my big hips and waist very comfortably. There’s enough give in the waist to not feel constricted when sitting, and the straight fit means they run looser through the knees and calves.

Long size inseams are 32 inches, and extra long jean inseams are 34 inches.

my choice // jessica london straight leg stretch denim jeggings

Sizes up to: 32
Inseam up to: 34”
Price: $34.99
Shop it: Here

Another favorite, and I will bang the table for these gems all day. If I’m going to spend a day in jeans, I have no hesitation to pull these on. I’m usually a size 22 but I buy these in a 24 as the 22 runs too tight on my legs. I just accompany them with a simple brown belt to tighten them up top and wear with tennis shoes at home or wedges/booties in the office.

Rated 4 stars out of almost a thousand reviews, it’s clear they’re very highly thought of by a lot of us.

avenue butter denim straight jean

Sizes up to: 32
Inseam up to: 32”
Price: $69
Shop it: Here

As one reviewer on their website says, these jeans are the “best option for tall curvy girls.” The average rating of these is 3.5 stars, however you have to love Avenue’s truly inclusive sizings, and you know they created these with curves in mind. Available in dark wash, mid wash, and black.

simply tall button fly jean

Sizes up to: 22
Inseam up to: 37”
Price: $89
Shop it: Here

Simply Tall’s super long inseams are something to celebrate, and these jeans have a distinct retro/vintage feel to them with the button fly, featuring four buttons. I think they’d look great dressed down with a pair of sneakers and a halter top.

bootcut jeans

Wear these with wedges or heels and a tank for that flowy fat girl boss feel.

alloy kellie mid rise bootcut jean

Sizes up to: 20
Inseam: 37”
Price: $74
Shop it: Here

Some absolutely stellar reviews for these Alloy bootcuts: they average 4.9 stars out of over 30 reviews. I love the fraying on the hems at the bottom which adds to the character. One thing to note is that Alloy are a brand that focuses on tall women. Therefore their jeans aren’t long in the butt/tummy area so if you carry more weight there they may not be the best fit. 

A really cool feature of Alloy reviews is that the reviewers are required to list how tall they are, so you can easily equate the jean/inseam size to your height (roughly.)

silver jeans co. elyse mid rise bootcut

Sizes up to: 28
Inseam up to: 35”
Price: $94
Shop it: Here

35 inch plus size jean

K, I know the main image for these looks like a woman who’s combined thigh size would equal one of mine, but these jeans from Silver Jeans Co. run all the way to a size 28, yas!

They have an eased waistband for added comfort round the waist and their sizing options mean their jeans can fit almost any body type. Tall girl reviewers love these, saying they run true to size and are made with very good quality denim.

Silver say the jeans are “power stretch” on their stretch meter which I guess means this is their most stretchy option, again, good news! Also check out their suki mid rise bootcut jeans if you want a black option in this style.

torrid luxe slim boot jean

Sizes up to: 30
Inseam up to: 36.5”
Price: $69.90
Shop it: Here

bootcut long plus size jean with a longer inseam of 36.5 inches

Torrid make the “cut” again bc Torrid jeans just have that awesome stretch I’ve come to know and love! The tall inseam is 34.5 inches and the extra tall is an awesome 36.5, so there really should be something for everyone in this cut. These jeans have garnered an impressive 4.3 stars out of hundreds of reviews, with Torrid faithful citing the comfort and butt accentuation (yas) as key selling points.

wrangler q-baby mid rise bootcut jean

Sizes up to: 26
Inseam up to: 34”
Price: $55-$70
Shop it: Here

Described by Wrangler as “the ultimate riding jean,” these came highly recommended to me due to their impressive 34 inch inseam. I like the lower price point of these, which makes them stand out as a high value buy, given Wrangler are generally known for their quality. Pair with some cowgirl boots for a kick-ass Western look.

Due to the mid rise nature of these jeans, they may not be the best for bodies with bigger bellies (see Torrid above for that.)

I went a size up to what I typically am and they fit perfectly. I am 5’9 and 275lbs I ordered the 20w34l and they were the perfect length with cowboy boots.


lee flex motion regular fit bootcut jean

Sizes up to: 30
Inseam up to: 34”
Price: $39.90
Shop it: Here

tall plus size bootcut jean from lee up to 34 inches in the inseam

Amazing reviews on Amazon for these, and at under 40 dollars, for the comfort they provide, you really don’t need to break the bank!

These jeans are comfortable and stylish. The length is perfect for my 5’10” frame. I love the elastic in the waist and the stretch in the fabric. They are perfect for long days of work or relaxing.


ann taylor sculpting mid-rise bootcut jean

Sizes up to: 18
Inseam up to: 35”
Price: $119
Shop it: Here

Ann Taylor pride themselves on quality and this denim offering is no different. Though the sizes only go up to 18 the inseam at 35” is excellent and the few reviews there are say the jeans are absolutely worth it, citing the extra room in the hips and thighs as the selling point to deliver max comfort here.

long tall sally isla bootcut

Sizes up to: 28
Inseam up to: 38”
Price: $29
Shop it: Here

I’m not sure whether to celebrate jeans that retail at under 30 bucks or be concerned. No product reviews here either, but I’ve included these because Long Tall Sally really cater to the long-legged Queens out there, with inseams at 32, 34, 36 and an incredible 38 inches.

relaxed fit

on the plus side five pocket relaxed fit jean

Sizes up to: 44
Inseam up to: 33”
Price: $68.00
Shop it: Here

tall plus size jeans

Just want to say, I love plus size clothing that includes plenty of pockets!

You may not have heard of On The Plus Side, but if you’re after truly plus size options through the 30s and 40s, they might be your new go-to. These jeans are no exception with only 5 star reviews.

The relaxed fit is ideal for really big legs and doesn’t tighten up around the calves. Reviewers with bigger hips and smaller bellies say these work well too. The regular inseam is an impressive 30″ with the long/tall inseam at 33″ and with 98% cotton, this is quality that is truly size inclusive.

avenue stretch girlfriend jean

Sizes up to: 34
Inseam up to: 32”
Price: $79.00
Shop it: Here

long high waisted jeans in plus sizes

Avenue’s take on the mom jean is this “girlfriend” fit which runs a little tighter than the usual mom jean, though with sizes all the way up to 34 (hell yeah, Avenue) finding a pair that fits wide hips and bellies won’t be hard. Not a bunch of reviews on these but the verified buyers rate them very highly and I’ve always heard good things about Avenue.

I would question the quality of the jeans as they’re only 57% cotton, and they only run up to a 32 inch inseam which isn’t ideal for those with very long legs.

could do better // old navy extra high-waisted sky-hi jeans

Sizes up to: 18*
Inseam up to: 32”
Price: $29.97
Shop it: Here

Look, it’s good to see a mainstream brand embracing plus sizes and I’m a big fan of Old Navy for a lot of reasons, but I’ve chalked them up as a “could do better” because while they carry plus sizes up to 30, they only carry tall sizes up to 18. 

Nonetheless, the fit is relatively loose and they would absolutely give you the mom jean feel. These are Old Navy’s “ultimate” sky-hi jeans, going an extra inch higher round the waist than their previous ones. If you are around 5’7”-5’9” and above a size 18 you could probably get away with the regular leg and wear them a little short so I thought I’d include these, but at 5’10” and a bit, they’re not for me personally.

Well, that’s quite a list! If I’ve missed anything be sure to reach out to me or let me know in the comments!