As a tall woman with a belly and a booty, I often struggle finding swimwear that works on my figure. Plus size swim tops, however, have become a real winner for me with their ability to “tuck” everything in, while still making my body feel bikini-ready. Paired with high-waisted bottoms or swim shorts, they solve a lot of “big” problems for me.

So, here’s my roundup of the best plus size swim tops going right now. To help standardize sizings, I’ve included the maximum bust size of each brand’s largest size.

And, if you’re looking for swimsuits that actually cover longer torsos, I spent a good chunk of time rounding up the best plus size long torso swimsuits from a range of well-known and boutique brands.

superfit hero half zip crop bikini top

Fits busts up to: 71”
Sizes up to: 7X
Price: $75.00
Shop at Superfit Hero

Superfit Hero might be the gold standard for plus size swimwear and activewear, and they are honestly loved by so many plus size women with a variety of different body shapes.

This bikini top is a perfect blend of support and stretch. It’s specifically designed to fit plus size bodies (think side boobs, under the arm fat) and is made from their patented sweat/swim fabric (nylon/spandex) which is highly durable. 

Most importantly, the fit is amazing. You can wear it with the zip down for more cleavage or all the way up for more support and coverage. 

Pair with Superfit Hero’s generous booty shorts and you may well have ended your quest for swimwear tailored to a plus size body! Their top and shorts are ideal for compressing your midriff/belly if that’s what you want.

plus size swim top

Credit: Superfit Hero

tomboyx swim racerback zip top

Fits busts up to: 62”
Sizes up to: 6X
Price: $64.00
Shop at TomboyX

TomboyX, as their name suggests, deliver a truly inclusive take on the plus size swim top with this racerback option. What I really like about this is the mesh-lined panels that provide good support, and it also comes with pockets for removable foam cups.

The racerback zip top comes in a variety of unique prints, ranging from simple black ombre to “don’t be jelly” jellyfish print, and a particularly cool “save the turtles” print, too.

QUOTE: Thought the material would be thicker, thankfully not. Breathable material and flexible to the body. The best bathing suit I’ve ever had for my body type. 

boohoo plus contrast trim bikini

Fits busts up to: 50”
Sizes up to: 4X
Price: $40.00
Shop at Boohoo Plus

Even though Boohoo still struggle to get, you know, actual plus size women to model their plus clothing, they are consistently one of my favorite brands to find clothing at. 

I haven’t got this style exactly, but their plus bikinis are generally very supportive, almost like a crop top the way they’re shaped, which helps get my upper belly fat relatively well secured.

the carli top by nettle’s tale

Fits busts up to: 55”
Sizes up to: 2X
Price: $68.00
Shop at Nettle’s Tale

I included this boutique Canadian swimwear brand on my roundup of swimsuits, and think the Carli deserves a mention here, too. Designed to work more like a sports bra, this leans more toward bikini than top, but Nettle’s Tale come so highly rated I had to include it.

The adjustable straps and wide back band add a supportive compression, making this more than just a bikini, and you notice this on the models with bigger chests. 100% 5 star reviews for this beauty.