We’ve all been there. You find the perfect “wide” knee-high boot online in preparation for fall season, only to unpack it then realize with agony the boot won’t even make it halfway up your bulging calf 🤦‍♀️.

I’m going to be honest, when it comes to finding ultra-wide boots for plus size calves, the market is still limited. As a girl with big calves myself (19 inches), some of the options on here still aren’t viable, but I wanted to include as many brands as possible for a variety of different calf sizes because brands are at least trying, and there is also a section at the end for boots for super-wide calves.

Note this when shopping for wide calf boots: The calf circumference is generally the one taken from a size 8 boot. If you have a bigger foot size, expect the circumference to be bigger. The general difference between a size 8 and a size 12 would be 1.5-2 inches.

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best extra wide calf boots

just fab jesyna thigh-high booties

Fits calves up to: 21.2”
Price: $104.95
Shop it: Here

Hallelujah, some sassy faux suede boots that not only run in regular (up to 16.5 inches) but also in extra wide (up to 21.2 inches.) Guys, these boots have absolutely glowing reviews if you look at the product page, and go up to a size 12.

comfortview malina wide calf boot in black/brown

Fits calves up to: 20”
Price: $106
Shop it: Here

These beauties fit calves up to 20 inches in sizes up to 12 wide. They have great tall women reviews too, with multiple reviewers in the 6 feet range attesting that these genuinely come up to their ankles. It seems like the boots actually can run larger than they state, with a lot of women saying they’re too wide in the comments. I mean that’s great, I’d just be extra careful when picking the size here, from what some of the reviews say they could be several inches bigger and it does look like they have some give to them.

They do a couple colors but the brown one looks so classically appealing to wear over denim jeans in fall and winter.

just fab shandee tall lug sole boot

Fits calves up to: 21.2”
Price: $106.95
Shop it: Here

I had to include these from Just Fab because again there are really positive reviews and they include the “extra wide” going up to 21 inches. You could pair these with a dress but I think they’d also work well over black or light blue jeans.

torrid lace-up over the knee boot

Fits calves up to: 21″
Price: $89.50
Shop it: Here

For something a little different and potentially more roomy, Torrid offer this faux-suede lace-up boot. The reviews can attest that this boot fits very long calves and they offer this in size extra-wide. 

Although Torrid have a literal video showing you how to measure your calves, there is unfortunately no data to show exactly the maximum size they fit, but based on the reviews the extra-wide option should cover 21 inches. As ever, Torrid produce a slightly more affordable item.

cloudwalkers wide fit tall boot

Fits calves up to: 18.4”
Price: $109.00
Shop it: Here

Cloudwalkers label themselves as a premium wide-width shoe. I wanted to include this one because I think it’s perfect for a witchy kind of fall look (as long as you have calves below 18 inches!) These are slip-ons and look really comfy. As with other boots here, the maximum calf size is only for the largest shoe size, so consult their size chart as these types of sizings are not exactly inclusive for all.

nine west allair over the knee boot

Fits calves up to: 18.5″
Price: $69.00
Shop it: Here

These struck me as something different and they’re on a final sale so could be worth it; again, good reviews.

eloquii lane at the knee boot

Fits calves up to: 17.5”
Price: $100+
Shop it: Here

Can’t be a plus fashion post without including Eloquii! These “lane at the knee” boots are high and perfect for taller calves, though some of the reviews point to the fact they may be cheaply made. At the moment they seem to only have a size 8W in snakeskin for these particular ones but hopefully they’ll do a restock. 

avenue tall boots

Fits calves up to: ?
Price: $119.00
Shop it: Here

I’ve known for a while about Avenue offering accessible calf boot options and their wedge boots are a perfect boot to pair with a maxi dress for a late spring/early fall fit. Unfortunately, they don’t give any info about calf widths but the reviews on their tall, wide width boots are mostly positive.

simply be chunky flat boot at asos

Fits calves up to: ?
Price: $78
Shop it: Here

An honorable mention to these boots by Simply Be (RIP) that are still being sold at Asos. Perhaps not the most stylish and no information on the calf size but a lot of the reviews are saying they are too wide so this gives me hope they might be okay for bigger calves?

riding boots for wide calves

I’m a firm believer that any style works for any body. Riding boots are no different, and I’m pleased to say there are several brands putting out riding boots for larger calves.

cloudwalkers tall diana boot

Fits calves up to: 21″
Price: $47.60
Shop it: Here

Loving the naming of this one, and the recent price cut here from $119 means that you can feel like a boss royal at an extremely affordable price. These have a quilted faux leather finish on the front for something different, as well as a stretchy calf backing that reviewers love.

Speaking of reviews, this has overall highly positive reviews, including one from a verified buyer who states “my calf measures 21 inches and I had no trouble zipping it up; the material in the back is super stretchy so I think that helps get any calf in there.” This is so pleasing to see a genuine plus size girl celebrating a pair of riding boots.

luoika winter tall boots

Fits calves up to: 21″
Price: $84.99
Shop it: Here

These tall wide calf boots come highly rated, and actually can accommodate calves over 21 inches in their size 12 and 13 versions. Made from soft faux leather, they don’t have a stiff feel and generally fit true to size.

I’m 5’7”, 250 lbs, and these boots were actually loose in the calf on me. That’s shocking because most boots won’t close over my formerly broken ankle or my calves.


the curve co wide calf riding boots

Fits calves up to: 16”
Price: $75.99
Shop it: Here

A lesser known brand with no reviews on the product, but they give you a rare picture of a plus size model actually wearing their boot! She is absolutely rocking the tan riding boot with black leggings. I love the zip running all the way down the side and the buckle gives it that authentic riding boot feel. 

I’m slightly disappointed to see these only fitting calves up to 16 inches but for smaller calves these look ideal.

just fab chain detail riding boot

Fits calves up to: 18.5”
Price: $96.95
Shop it: Here

This riding boot is extra and I love it! First of all, it goes up to 18.5 inches, but how about this gold chain fastened around the ankle? This would go so well with a colorful dress or standard denim jeans and a gold wrap-around belt and is a statement!

roaman’s luella plus wide riding boot

Fits calves up to: 17.25”
Price: $99.99
Shop it: Here

A traditional bold, black riding boot with the front half smooth and the back half embossed in a decorative pattern that is subtle and classy. I think these would be ideal fall/winter boots paired with denim or black jeans.

Roaman’s actually have a couple different styles of riding boots too.

torrid buckle knee boot

Fits calves up to: ?
Price: $89.50
Shop it: Here

Had to keep it original and shout out Torrid’s classic black riding boot that has a double buckle just under the knee as well as the traditional ankle buckle. I think this would be a safe bet to fit pretty wide calves, though annoyingly while Torrid have a literal video showing you how to measure calves, there is nothing about the calf width on the product page itself!

Torrid also have this option that I really liked in brown as a notable mention.

boots for super-wide calves

Okay, it was a bit depressing for me to see that not many of the supposedly “wide calf” boots go over 19 inches to fit my fat calves. So for those of us with extra large calves there are two websites that do stock knee high boots for extra large calves, and these two are really in a league of their own.

wide widths

Fits calves up to: 24.75”
Price: $300
Shop it: Here

They may be pricey but every boot is genuine suede or leather, and they officially are the “winners” in terms of catering to calf sizes almost up to 25 inches.

Wide Widths have a really useful calculator on their website, when I input my measurements I got about 30 options… awesome! 

wide calf bootstore: jj footwear

Fits calves up to: 24”
Price: $150-$250
Shop it: Here

This is a European site and JJ Footwear is a Dutch brand that carries sizes all the way up to boots for 24 inch calves. The boots are all leather.

Wild Calf Bootstore does stock a few brands but from what I can see JJ Footwear offers the most variety in terms of heel sizes, buckles, etc. The site also has a useful calculator that returned a whopping 13 boots that would fit me 😂 so they don’t quite have the variety of Wide Widths but still, it’s progress right?

how to measure your calf

Wrap a tape measure loosely around the widest part of each calf. It’s important to do both calves as one may be larger than the other.

If you’re under 5’4”, it’s recommended to add 1.5-2 inches to your calf size measurement.

If I’ve missed anything or there are other brands to mention, please let me know!