So we’re definitely out of the dark days where finding longer length jeans was a pain in the a**, but shopping for jeans with a 32 inch inseam can still be at least a little painful as sizings don’t tend to be consistent.

This curated roundup features jeans that are guaranteed to fit 32 inch inseams in a variety of styles. We rate on overall reviews and personal experience.

The long and the tall of this article:

the best rated 32 inch inseam jeans

american eagle high-waisted jeggings

Inseam: 31” (long) or 33” (x-long)
Price: $49.95
Shop at AE

Their extra long lengths are amazing for long legs and their skinny jeans in particular hug all the right places and provide amazing comfort for a skinny style.

American Eagle were my favorite jeans of all time before they stopped making them in my size. That’s a sensitive subject that I won’t get into now, but they currently offer x-long up to a size 14 and long up to a size 20.

These jeans have a 4.2 star rating from hundreds of reviews. You can also filter their reviews to read reviews from women your height, so don’t just take my word, see for yourself how many tall girls love these!

levi’s 720 high rise super skinny jean

Inseam: 32” (long)
Price: $69.50
Shop Levi’s

There’s nothing like a good high waisted jean to compliment long legs, and these super skinny jeans from Levi’s are rated 4.4 stars from tens of thousands, yes, tens of thousands of ratings! 

Rock the vibrant traditional indigo that Levi’s is famous for, or choose from a variety of denim colors. Torn options are also available.

These jeans are amazing! I am 6’2” and I always have trouble finding jeans that are long enough! I don’t think I ever had such a perfect pair before. The waist size was as expected. Highly recommend.


old navy high-waisted straight ripped jean

Inseam: 32”
Price: $54.99
Shop at Old Navy

Old Navy’s tall line is made for women over 5’10” and generally gets the tall girl stamp of approval from our writers. These straight ripped jeans have a 4.1 star rating from hundreds of reviews and are no exception.

I highlighted these because I love the flexibility of a ripped jean and the side split ankles are a great feature that really allows you to wear these all day, but Old Navy have plenty of other styles I’ve linked to below.

best plus size jeans for 32 inch inseams

You know I wasn’t going to round up the best 32 inch inseam jeans out there without a dedicated section for the long legged plus size girls. After all, that’s why I started this site!

I’ve featured the below picks on my tall plus size  jeans roundup.

lane bryant signature straight fit jean

Sizes up to: 28 (long)
Inseam: 32” (long)
Price: $79.95
Shop at Lane Bryant

lane bryant signature long jeans

Durable, accommodating, and figure-fitting. There’s a reason why Lane Bryant consistently rank out as one of the best retailers for long inseams in plus sizes: they just get tall plus size bodies.

These dark wash jeans have a 4.2 star rating from almost 100 reviewers. They actually also make these jeans in a 34 inch inseam in the “extra long” size, too!

avenue tall butter denim skinny jean in black

Sizes up to: 34
Inseam: 32”
Price: $69.00
Shop at Avenue

Another brand that styles jeans to accommodate plus size bodies with their elastic waistband and generous sizing through the thighs/hips, these tall black jeans are a great dress up option.

torrid tall curvy jeans

Sizes up to: 30
Inseam: 32” (long)
Price: Various

I can’t keep up with Torrid in terms of them selling out of jeans so I just provided a link to their main page for tall curvy jeans!

skinny jeans with 32 inch inseams

levi’s 311 shaping skinny jeans

Inseam: 32” (long)
Price: $69.50
Shop the Levi’s 311

levi's skinny shaper long length jeans

Use these skinny shapers from Levi’s to show off your curves. I love that Levi’s long lengths are overwhelmingly tall girl friendly, with plenty of reviews from women over 6 feet tall saying these work beautifully for their long legs.

athleta sculptek ultra skinny jean

Inseam: 32.5” (tall)
Price: $118
Shop at Athleta

Show off your legs with this super skinny high-waisted jean. Athleta jeans work for tall girls, and with their high levels of comfort these skinny “jean pants” can be worn all day without trouble.

american eagle high-waisted jeggings

Inseam: 31” (long) or 33” (x-long)`
Price: $49.95
Shop at AE

Already featured these, but AE are my top pick for length and fit when it comes to high-waisted jeans, so these long or extra long options can both be relevant for 32” inseam skinny jeans.

relaxed fit jeans with 32 inch inseams

american eagle 90s boyfriend jeans

Inseam: 32” (long)
Price: $49.95
Shop at AE

A really affordable casual option from American Eagle in a long 32 inch inseam, these would be ideal for those with larger legs and  look amazing styled over a pair of wide calf cowgirl boots.

buckle flying monkey high rise boot stretch jean

Inseam: 32”
Price: $69.99
Shop at Buckle

These beauties from Buckle run all the way to a 38” inseam, so you know they’ve been designed with tall girls in mind! These would be absolutely fabulous for dressing up with a pair of boots in fall or winter.

Jeans are such an essential piece of any wardrobe, we hope you can use this inspiration to find a pair that fits your long legs! It’s really great to see the sheer amount of denim options available to tall women.