Cover image credit: Couturme/Yuliya Raquel

yuliya raquel (igig/couturme)

An iconic plus size brand and designer (Yuliya Raquel), Igigi pride themselves on offering sustainable, ethically sourced fashion that’s fully customizable to your figure. This is absolutely perfect for those of us who don’t fall into the “typical” and often unattainable body shapes that a lot of plus size clothing retailers design clothes for. Or, you know, if you’re tall!

Igigi go into detail about their 3D technology they use to specially design clothes for any customer on their website. One of my earliest memories of seeing Yuliya styling a dress was this beauty she created for iconic plus size model, Rosie Mercado. For those who don’t know, Rosie had hips! The fit of this dress on her pear-shaped body is amazing, the color is bold and I love the wraparound belt that further accentuates the figure.

monif c.

Monif C. is a particular favorite plus size fashion designer of myself and other writers as she’s styled some incredible plus size maxi dresses on tall plus size models in the past like Mia Amber Davis and Charlotte Coyle. Whether elegant or raunchy, her work is magnificent and you can still find some of her pieces around on the web today.

courtney noelle

Courtney Noelle is a plus size sensation! She is a self-taught seamstress who creates luxurious, custom evening wear, dresses, and activewear. Operating out of the fashion capital of the world, NYC, Courtney is an inspiration for black fashion designers be they plus, or not. Given all her items are made to order, as a tall plus her boutique is definitely a place to check in on.

nadia abhoulson

Love Nadia A. She’s a blogger-turned-designer, maybe best known for her collaboration with Fashion to Figure where she produced some absolutely charming plus size boots (that actually fit wide calves!) – they were featured on our roundup of wide calf boots, but they’ve now sold out to give you an idea of her popularity/fame!