This day is celebrated annually on October 6. It is a chance for women who consider themselves to be plus size, fat, curvy, or however you identify, to have their voices heard and their bodies celebrated.

why plus size appreciation day is important

While there is no doubting the term “plus size” is no longer a negative or derogatory word, there is still a long way to go in terms of changing embedded societal norms and the attitude of the general public to women (and men) who would be considered “plus size.”

To see how plus size women are still misrepresented and mistreated, we only need to look as far as the way fat Monica was portrayed as a down on her luck, fat woman who couldn’t get a guy in Friends.

why fat monica is problematic

More recently, plus size women in Hollywood have come under attack, such as Yellowjackets star Melanie Lynskey, who was told that she should get a trainer by a member of the production crew for the show.

What’s even worse is that Lynskey is probably a size 12/14, and wouldn’t even be considered “plus size” on the fatness spectrum

There is simply an archaic attitude to plus size bodies embedded in American culture, and almost every other culture around the world that I can think of. It’s important we raise our voices and let everyone know we are not only content with being bigger women, we are proud of it.

things you can do to celebrate plus size appreciation day

So, how can we let our voices be heard on this day?

be social

Use the hashtag #plussizeappreciationday and show your curves to the world, but more importantly, show your confidence as an individual to the world. Own it.

give compliments

The meaning of this day to me isn’t all about celebrating thigh rub or having wide feet. It’s about loving and respecting all body types. As plus size women, it falls on us to rise above negativity and be the better person, so why not show your true confidence by complimenting others, be it on socials or at work!

Everybody love everybody, okay!?

plus size role models to inspire you

One of the reasons I started Tall Plus Life was to highlight tall and/or plus size women who inspired myself, and others, to achieve enlightenment regarding our bodies. In the true spirit of Plus Size Appreciation Day, here are some (seriously) plus size women who make my heart smile!

shawna farmer

shawna farmer

Shawna, AKA Chubby Cartwheels, is a plus size influencer and former fashion designer who created fits for truly plus size bodies through her brand, Chubby Cartwheels. She loves being big, and truly embraces what it means to be beautiful.

meagan kerr

meagan kerr

Hailing from New Zealand, Meagan Kerr is a plus size influencer who calls it like she sees it when it comes to under-representation for bigger bodies in fashion. She’s been doing her thing for around 10 years, and is an inspirational plus size woman.