Traveling can be an exciting and enriching experience, but for fat women, it can also be an anxiety-inducing one. From airline seats to cultural differences and dealing with rude people, there are many things to consider when traveling as a woman of size. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and strategies for navigating these challenges and enjoying your trip.

airline seats

Yes, I’ll start with the obvious one. One of the biggest concerns for any plus size person is airline seating. Airline seats are notoriously small and uncomfortable, leaving little room for larger bodies. Some airlines offer wider seats or seat belt extenders for plus size passengers, but this is not guaranteed. I may end up writing at length about this but for now, here’s some key tips to make flying more comfortable:

  • Check the airline’s policies and seating options before booking. Some airlines allow passengers to purchase a second seat at a discounted rate, which can provide more space and comfort.
  • Consider upgrading to a premium or business class seat, which often has more room and amenities.
  • Bring a seat belt extender with you just in case the airline doesn’t provide one. You can purchase these online or from aviation supply stores.
  • Request a seat with extra legroom, such as an exit row or bulkhead seat.

observe weight restrictions

Like airline seats, if you’re going to be doing activities, be it skydiving, rollercoaster riding, or whatever, do some research and find out what the weight limits will be. While admitting your weight publicly can never be fun, this is a safety issue and it’s okay to be too fat for things.

slay at the beach

Preparation is key. Finding a swimsuit that fits perfectly goes a long way to increasing my confidence when I’m at the beach or pool. We recently produced a definitive guide on the best long torso plus size swimsuits that provide coverage, support, and some that will no doubt turn a few heads. That’s never a bad thing, right?

go gentle on loungers

I usually ease myself on loungers very slowly and carefully. The ones in my picture on a recent cruise were well suited for bigger bodies, but that was an American cruise liner. Some beach loungers can be very flimsy.

beach loungers should be a consideration as a fat tourist

be prepared for locals to be curious

This is kind of awkward to write about as I never like to generalize, but when I’ve traveled to some foreign countries (the U.K excluded) I’m often the biggest person, in terms of both height and size, in any given room or street and I draw a lot of attention. This is nothing negative, it’s usually just some gaping stares but it can be people whispering to each other, and it’s men and women. The weirdest thing I’ve experienced in regards to this is a man, I won’t say in which country, who approached me, kind of in awe, and remarked “you big, you want to eat meal?” A polite “no thanks” and I moved on.

The best way to deal with this is by simply playing dumb/ignoring any attention, and in the rare instances people come up to you, try and be polite.

A lot of foreign countries just aren’t used to seeing people of size. While I’d prefer to not have anyone stare at me, this is just a reality you need to be mentally prepared for. 


Hygiene practices can vary widely from country to country, and this can be a concern for plus size women who may have difficulty fitting into small spaces or accessing certain facilities. Here are some tips for maintaining good hygiene while traveling:

  • Bring your own travel-sized hygiene products, such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and feminine hygiene products.
  • This includes bringing your own towel/bath sheet! Seriously, it’s crazy how many hotels both in the US and overseas give you hand-towels to dry yourself off with. Most normal sized people would struggle to wrap those around themselves, and they couldn’t hope to cover this booty!
  • Carry a body-glide stick to help with chafing from chub rub.
  • Use the bathroom before leaving your accommodations, as public restrooms may be small and difficult to navigate.
  • Choose accommodations with larger bathrooms, such as accessible or family rooms.
  • Carry a small stool or step ladder to help you reach high places, such as showerheads or toiletry shelves.
  • Stay hydrated! Not really a genius suggestion but seriously, it helps everything!

going out for dinner

Booths can sometimes be an issue, so make sure you plan ahead when you go out to eat. I find getting dressed up really helps if I’m feeling a bit conscious about sliding my booty into a restricted booth! Check out our guide to tall plus size maxi dresses for some vacay-dinner inspiration.

getting around in comfort

Following on from going out to dinner, we know getting around in different countries can also be challenging, especially in places with narrow streets or crowded public transportation. Here are some tips for making transportation easier:

  • Research transportation options in advance, and choose ones that are more spacious, such as taxis or private car services.
  • Consider renting a car to give yourself more freedom and control over your travel.
  • Look for accessible transportation options, such as buses or trains with wheelchair ramps.